Video: Buy roses - Important criteria and tips for choosing the right one

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Rose is not the same as Rose, you could already find out in many of our posts. Whether noble, bush or climbing roses - the selection is varied and every rose has different demands on care, soil quality and location. So you can not just buy a rose and use it somewhere. In the worst case, it enters and does not produce the expected flowering. That would be annoying.

Those who are at the very beginning of their "gardening career" are still very unsure of the many quality differences and varieties, understandably. In order to avoid a bad buy, I recommend the above video by Gärtner Pöschke. Here are many helpful tips for buying roses. You will also be shown on which criteria you should leave the plant in the garden center.

If you stick to these tips, there will certainly be no bad buy and you can already enjoy in the summer of the numerous flowers of the "Queen of Flowers".

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