Video: This is how good potting soil can be distinguished from bad

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As soon as the first spring-like temperatures are reached and the sun shines more often, many hobby gardeners go to DIY stores, garden centers and discounters to get potting soil. Finally, the dull sight of winter should be replaced as soon as possible against colorful flowers and plants.

What sounds so straightforward is far from easy. As with many other things, there are also infinitely many varieties and suppliers in potting soil. The quality differences are very large and not always can be good or bad at the price moor. The layman here ever come to their limits, is hardly surprising. Last year in April, there was a very interesting report on the ZDF program Volle Kanne. Here the garden expert Elmar Mai explains how good soil differs from bad and what to pay attention to when buying. Because not always is really in it, what is on it.

Peat is not a good component in potting soil, says Elmar Mai. He therefore advises rather to coconut soil (for example, here available), since this is more fibrous and thus does not dry out so fast. However, this earth may not be used alone, but should be mixed with other high quality soil.

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