Video: Mangold potatoes - Delicious recipe idea for a slightly different potato enjoyment

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Hardly any supplement finds our stomach as often as the potato. No wonder, after all, it is delicious and can be easily grown in the garden. In addition, you can prepare potatoes versatile. Roast and rosemary potatoes, potato pancakes or röstis are very popular here. Do you feel like change? Something new and still delicious?

Then you should definitely try the mangold potatoes from the video contribution of "Grüne Däumchen". I have tested you and I am completely thrilled. Swiss chard really goes well with potatoes. The recipe is quick and, above all, simply boiled. Especially in the warm season you finally have no desire to spend a long time in the kitchen.

The individual steps and ingredients can be found in the video.

Have fun cooking!

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