Video: Wind trimmer thread - That's how it's done

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As long as the trimmer thread is long enough, it cuts off the grass or weeds cleanly. But if he is all, he must be renewed. Many drive into the hardware store and buy a whole new coil. It is more expensive, but you do not have to struggle with the winding of a new thread. It's not that hard to know exactly how to do it.

Since I was just before this task, I know what I'm talking about here. I almost went crazy because it just did not work. Then I pulled out the phone and with the video tutorial of "The Technician" has really worked quite simply. You just have to find the right start.

Trimmer-thread buying tips

There are two types of trimmer strings:

  • square cutting threads
  • round cutting threads

The square cutting threads have the advantage that the sharp edges make the cutting result better. In addition, the energy consumption of these threads is much lower.

The round cutting threads convince by longer durability in contrast to the square cutting threads.

Video Board: String a spool on a Murray Trimmer Weed Eater - Remove Replace Restring - SAVE MONEY!.

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