Video: Why does basil always arrive at home?

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Basil is one of the most popular culinary herbs. Whether classic to tomatoes or as a delicious pesto - it gives many dishes a very special flavor. In summer he often grows in the garden, but what about winter? Most of them take convenience to the herb pots from the supermarket. It's much easier than pulling oneself on the window sill. A big disadvantage, the pots from the supermarket but. They do not even go in for a full week. And why?

Many have already asked this question. The answer to that I have now in a video post from the SWR from the show Odysso - I want to know! found. Here science reporter Axel Wagner gets to the bottom of the matter. He receives many helpful tips here from the expert Robert Koch in the State Teaching and Research Institute for Horticulture in Heidelberg. Worth a look! With a few tips, the weekly purchase of basil pots is guaranteed to be avoided.

Did you know?

Basil is not only deliciously delicious, it also has a healing effect. For example, a cup of basil tea after each meal promotes digestion. Likewise, the plant relieves migraine complaints and strengthens the nervous system.

By the way: Grated fresh basil leaves relieve the pain of an insect bite.

Video Board: How to Restore Basil After It Starts Wilting : Garden Space.

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