Video: Let wood age artificially - With coffee, vinegar & steel wool, optically change the wood

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Furniture, signs and other deco gadgets that look like they've been around for a few years are absolutely trendy. The dealers also know that, so it is hardly surprising that trend furniture and accessories cost a lot of money. Would you spend so much money if you knew that the "old wood look" can be easily produced from the household itself? People with a little manual skill and fun in the matter probably not.

I must confess that until recently this procedure was still quite new to me. But when I see something like that, it usually does not take long until I try it myself. With the detailed instructions of DekoideenReich from the video above, it is child's play to conjure up a copy of a new piece of wood that looks old and weathered. Her pieces of wood are then spiced up with typical vintage pictures, which she applies with a stencil and white paint. Absolutely worth seeing and above all imitation worthy! ?

Video Board: Aging Wood - Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution (Easy).

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