Vinegar and vinegar essence against weeds - suitable as a weed killer?

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Ground Cover: Blue Cushion - Aubrieta

Soil-covering plants have clear advantages: They hardly work, have no side effects and are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly. The fact that creeping growing plants overgrow the soil in a short time, they take the weeds the vital light to grow and therefore insulate the wild growth in a really natural way.
Although vinegar kills annoying weeds, in principle it is not more environmentally friendly than chemical weed killers. Anyone who wants to use vinegar for weeds should be aware that the results are unpredictable. In addition, since the use of vinegar is prohibited on paved areas and the effect usually only after several applications brings the desired result, its use on their own property is generally questionable.

Video Board: Orange Oil and Vinegar Weed Killer Option.

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