Cutting the vinegar tree - How to counteract bald spots

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Vinegar trees like to grow up high. That makes them look bald pretty fast. But do not worry, you do not have to live with that. A pruning can work wonders here.

Cut the vinegar tree

The vinegar tree, with its feathery and colorful autumn leaves, is a veritable splendor for the garden. It grows easily and gets its beautiful crown even without a shape cut. Every now and then, but above all, when it is either shabby or too high and expansive, a cut is necessary. Do not cut too much, because the vinegar tree likes to push out of the interfaces and gets even lush and higher.

Which shoots and branches are cut at the vinegar tree?

If the tree looks rather bare in the lower and inner regions, it means that all the force goes into the upper branches. Remove long shoots and cut out stunted and dried branches.

Branches crossing each other cut as well. Overall, the tree is so far illuminated that the individual branches have a distance of about 20 centimeters to each other.


1 The interfaces are ideally three to five millimeters above an eye. Put the scissors at a slight angle. Caution: The vinegar tree often forms three or more new shoots out of the interface.

2 Prevent the new drive by sealing the clipped points with tree wax.

The vinegar tree, also called Hirschkolbensumach, is considered moderately poisonous. When cutting, wear gloves and eye protection as a precaution.

The best time for the vinegar tree cut

Autumn is the perfect time to cut the vinegar tree. The spring is also suitable if the tree has not expelled yet. Also inspect the tree disc - often the vinegar tree drives strong outriggers around the tree disc.

On this occasion: Take a look at the surroundings of the tree trunk, up to a few meters away. The vinegar tree is extremely hard-working and forms very long roots that penetrate everywhere. The rhizomes are so strong that they can pierce pond foil and lift plates or asphalt. Therefore, the location of a vinegar tree should not be near the pond or next to paths and paved squares. If you discover the root shoots soon enough, you can easily pull them out - otherwise the tree with its rhizomes quickly takes over the entire garden.

Vinegar in the bucket: Keep in check with a regular cut

The vinegar tree grows very well in a large bucket. Here you can cut to your heart's content - he does not mind. You get a lush, bush-like tree that makes good on the terrace.

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