Remove the vinegar tree from the garden - With these 4 possibilities, you can get rid of the plant again

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Hardly a plant in the garden is so loved and hated at the same time. If the vinegar tree has spread too much, most gardeners just want to remove it. But that is not so easy.

Remove the vinegar tree from the garden -

The colorful vinegar tree is really nice to look at and a real eye-catcher. But ask a gardener who has had this plant for several years in his garden. Whether he is still so pleased about the plant? Most people clap their hands over each other and do not want anything better than the vinegar tree finally disappears. A big disadvantage is that the vinegar tree is proliferating. Even a regular cut can not stop him. On the contrary, it gets even bigger and more expansive.

While it is certainly not easy to tackle the vinegar tree problem, it is not impossible.

Get rid of the vinegar tree - 4 possibilities presented

Mow root shoots regularly

Usually it is not the vinegar tree itself, but its unrestrained spread over root shoots that bring the hobby gardener to the brink of despair.

You can at least optically control the problem by regularly mowing the shoots as they become visible. However, this does not stop the multiplication.

Tear off root shoots

If you not only mow the shoots, but tear them out individually, the proliferation of the vinegar tree can effectively curb and reduce the spread area around the mother plant in the long term. However, do not pluck root saplings superficially. At the same time remove as long as possible sections of the root shoot from which the shoots have grown.

You can solve these foothills quite well by vigorous shaking with your hand, if you loosen up the surrounding earth with the spade beforehand. Then cap the accessible parts of the foothills using a sharp seam or carpet cutter.

Repeat the procedure between May and November several times a year and over a period of three years. The effort is high, but the visible and sustainable success rewards your effort.

Drop the vinegar tree

You have finally enough of your vinegar tree and want to eliminate not only the new root brood, but the tree itself? Then cut the trunk and tear out the root shoots as described above. It is very important to take decisive action against the saplings just after they have fallen because their growth initially increases.

As a complementary measure, release as many of the near-surface main roots of the vinegar tree as possible and cut them close to the rootstock with a chainsaw.

Remove rhizome

To eliminate not only the foothills and the trunk, but also the rhizome, you need a heavy device. A stump grinder or a small excavator with a suitable attachment make you excellent service. However, these devices are too expensive to purchase for a single use. In a garden center or on-site hardware store ask if milling machines and small excavators are rented out on a daily basis.

If the rhizome does not interfere too much, there is a less costly alternative to immediate removal: Accelerate the rotting process by removing the tree stump near the surface with the chainsaw and then scoring as deep grooves as possible into the remaining wood. These fill generously with compost.

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