Expose grapevines

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Thin out grapevines

Many hobby gardeners have wine in the garden. He is a popular climber and also provides a green roof over his head. But that's exactly where the problem lies. Who wants to have a rich and tasty grape harvest, should begin in September with the thinning of the leaves.

Thin out grapevines
To thin out, you should remove the first two to three leaves after the stem approach. You can do this with pruning shears. You can also easily break the leaves. As a result, the grapes get more sun. As a result, they grow faster, get bigger and also more aromatic. Besides, they are not so prone to diseases.

Gray horse on grapes
Above all, the gray mold makes grapes to create. He likes to settle on moist grapes lying in the shade. Whoever exposes the vines thoroughly, ensures that they dry quickly after a rain and the gray horse has no chance. In addition, the removal of the old leaves is better for the photosynthesis, so that the younger leaves can handle the growth better.

Video Board: V4U- Mechanical Leaf Pulling to Expose Chardonnay grapes.

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