Vital berry - a healthy climbing star

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The vital berry is very healthy

The name says it all: the vital berry is healthy. She comes from China and is called there Wu Wei Zi, which means the herb of the five flavors.

A great remedy
Thus, it is also clear that you can eat both the leaves, as well as the berries that grow fire-red on the plant. It is said that one should eat two leaves a day to stay fit. In Chinese herbal medicine, it is even considered one of the most effective fortifying agents. The list of positive properties of this berry is really very long. The vital berry helps with a cold, liver inflammation, insomnia and even forgetfulness.

Perfect for privacy
The berries can also be eaten raw or processed into jelly and jam. The vital berry is a real climbing star. Because it is a fast-growing creeper, which can be up to five meters high and thus is perfectly suitable as a screen. It thrives best in partial shade, but even sunnier locations do not bother the vital berry. As a creeper she also needs a climbing aid.

Pay attention to the original when buying
When buying, you should pay attention to the original, because under the name of vital berry are repeatedly offered other plants that do not have these healing properties. And if you do not want to eat it, that's no problem either. It is always nice to look at it. The bright red fruits form beautiful fruit grapes. The white-pink flowers appearing in May also exude an intense scent.

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