Fighting voles - 2 methods

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Voles can become a nuisance

Voles are cute fellows, but if you have them in the garden and they cause great damage, then at the latest then you should fight the voles.

Voles can do a great deal of damage
Voles not only dig passages, but also feed on the roots of roses or trees and flower bulbs such as tulips or daffodils. Since they can cause a great deal of damage in the garden, this means that you should definitely fight these little animals. If only because they can become a real plague if they multiply.

Fighting voles - 2 methods
To prevent this plague, you have two options that are actually quite effective. First, you should search the corridors of the voles, which should not be particularly difficult. Now you can either choose one poison bait which the voles eat and in which they eventually die, or you catch them with one box trap on. These box traps should be placed in a sheltered place. The best way to attract the mice with pieces of carrot or celery pieces.

Fight voles in winter
Winter is the best season for catching vole, because the mice find less food at this time of the year. New plants should be protected with wire baskets to prevent the voleurs from being able to hunt plants.

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