The W├╝stenhof - Gasthof with a dream view

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The W├╝stenhof offers an overwhelming view over the Rhine panorama and even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe enjoyed his snack here.

The W├╝stenhof, an ancient inn in Weitersburg near Koblenz, attracts its guests with two special features. The first is the look. From the big one terrace From it you can see how the great Koblenz-Neuwieder basin spreads. In the southeast lies the mighty fortress Ehrenbreitstein, in the south tower the church towers of the Rhine-Moselle-city. And in between meanders like a sparkling silver ribbon of the Rhine.

The W├╝stenhof - Gasthof with a dream view: Rhine

View of the Koblenz-Neuwieder basin

The second special feature is a famous guest, who already enjoyed his snack here: In the summer of 1774 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe made on the court a little break. Although the grand cousin of today's W├╝stenhof owner Cornelia Schneider-Zentz has dealt extensively with the history of the court. However, he was unable to find out what the poet had eaten at the time.
Perhaps the innkeepers, even then the tailors, served him an ashen roast - always the specialty of the house. In the past, the marinated piece of pork neck was actually cooked in the hot ashes of the hearth. "Today nobody wants to wait more one and a half hours for their food," says W├╝stenhof chef Michel Kringel, why he made it in the oven.

The W├╝stenhof - Gasthof with a dream view: Rhine

Cornelia Schneider-Zentz and her husband Stephan manage the W├╝stenhof

In addition, Cornelia Schneider-Zentz and her husband Stephan Zentz attach great importance to culinary ingredients from the area: the juices come from the Mosel, the eggs from the farmers from the neighborhood. Wild in the season is from the forests around on the map, in May and June asparagus from the Rhine Island Niederwerth. And the beer, by the way, the best companion to the ash roast, supplies the K├Ânigsbacher brewery from Koblenz. In good visibility and with the help of binoculars, their brewery uprights can also be seen from the terrace.
Over the centuries, the W├╝stenhof has obviously changed. In his early days, about 800 years ago, he was still in a "desolate" country. Whether a natural disaster or a war had led to it, even the grand cousin does not know it. Anyway, the farm got its name. Today, its location could hardly be more beautiful.


The W├╝stenhof - Gasthof with a dream view: dream

Farming was still practiced on the farm until twenty years ago - as the large barn reminds us

Desert court 1
56191 Weitersburg
Telephone 02 61/6 05 72

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