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Related to the Trachycarpus fortunei, the Trachycarpus wagnerianus has smaller and slightly different shaped leaves. She has the same conditions to her surroundings as her relative, the Trachycarpus fortunei. The Trachycarpus wagnerianus can endure temperatures up to minus 17 degrees Celsius and at the root system to minus 6 degrees Celsius. A suitable location for Wagner's hemp palm is shady or half shady and sheltered from the wind. But if the hemp palm is exposed to direct sunlight for some time, you will not harm it either. The leaves of the Wagner hemp palm are shaped like a semicircle and the individual leaves have a length of about 40 centimeters. The individual leaves are dark green and each leaf of the hemp palm has about 40 segments, which are very firm. At the end of the leaf this is slightly split.

Origin of the Trachycarpus wagnerianus

Wagner's hemp palm thrives best protected from the wind. Direct lasting sun exposure can only endure the Trachycarpus wagnerianus for short periods of time. A half-shady place is advantageous for healthy growth. If the leaves of the Trachycarpus wagnerianus get brown spots, then this is a sure indication that the palm gets too much sun and needs a new, shady pitch.
When watering you should water long-lasting, as the hemp palm has a very dense root system. Only through abundant irrigation can the water penetrate this dense root system. You should water the Trachycarpus at least every three days in the hot summer months. On very hot days, watering every other day may be necessary. A sure indication of whether one must pour Wagner's cannabis palm, is the nature of the earth. If the soil is dry, you can safely pour. If the earth is wet, you can wait and check again the next day if casting is necessary.

The right care for a Trachycarpus wagnerianus

In the spring and autumn months, the casting is usually enough once a week. The amount of water depends on whether the hemp palm Trachycarpus wagnerianus is free or planted in a pot or vessel. In the months of April to September, the hemp palm also needs a fertilizer every two weeks, which can be bought in the form of a stick, but also as a powder or liquid in garden centers. But you can also use a long-term fertilizer, which is given in the months of April and June to the Trachycarpus wagnerianus together with the irrigation water.
Important for a healthy growth of Trachycarous wagnerianus is the right substrate. Therefore, the soil should be mixed with coarse sand, broken clay or gravel. If you leave the palm in a pot first, it should be at least 50 centimeters high, because the roots of the Wagnerian hemp palms grows down as all hemp species.

Cut Trachycarpus wagnerianus correctly

Important when cutting this hemp palm is that you cut only completely brown leaves. The so-called vegetation point of Wagner's hemp palm sits on the leaf tips. That is why you should never circumcise the tips of healthy leaves.

So the Trachycarpus wagnerianus comes through the winter well

In winter, the Trachycarpus wagnerianus should be placed in a bright location at around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. The Wagnerian hemp palm can only endure down to minus 17 degrees Celsius for a short time. In order to protect the plant from the cold in winter, bind the fronds of the palm upwards and lay a fleece around it. In no case may one cover the hemp palm with a plastic foil or a plastic bag. Since the Trachycarpus wagnerianus needs light, it should remain in its fleece packaging only in the winter months of January to March. In addition, one can protect the roots by laying a thick layer of foliage around the plant on the ground. The hemp palm must not overwinter in dark, damp and cold basements.

That's how much a Trachycarpus wagnerianus costs

When purchasing a Trachycarpus wagnerianus, the price is between 20 and 400 euros depending on the age and size of the plant. Online shops such as flora-toskana.de, palmenoase.com or palmenvater.de offer a first overview of the Trachycarpus wagnerianus. The Wagnerian hemp palms from the upper price segment have a size of one to two meters. These are so robust and resistant that they can be planted immediately outside in the garden. These hemp palms between one and two meters in height will cost between 200 and 400 euros. The cheaper Wagnerian hemp palms have a stature height of 20 to 40 centimeters and cost between 20 and 50 euros. These must first be left in the pot after purchase.

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