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Living plant pictures usually grow in special vertical systems and have an integrated irrigation system to look great as wall beautification for as long as possible. The plant's image stands out above all visually from a painted or printed picture. But also from an acoustic point of view, the vertical greening offers a great alternative to prevent the humming of noise in the room. In addition, plants release oxygen, increase the humidity and thus contribute to a better indoor climate. The greening of the wall affects us humans indirectly. It is believed that the sight of plants increases our well-being and makes it easier to relax.

Living plant picture or green wall?

At the "World Congress Building Green" in Berlin in the summer of 2017, various design options and the economic benefits of green walls were presented. The selection ranged from simple plant pictures to sensor-controlled irrigation and fertilizer systems, which were offered in all sizes. Special emphasis was placed on the need for a solid wall mounting, because the weight of the plants and the water reservoir quickly exceeds just 25 kilograms. How long a plant picture stays fresh, of course, depends mainly on proper care. In the best case, J├╝rgen Hermannsd├Ârfer, member of the board of the association for green space and hydroponics, assumes a life expectancy of several years. Subsequently, the vertical system can be replanted.

The appropriate planting

Raisins and hanging plants are perfect for a vertical greening, because with an appropriate arrangement, it does not take long, and there is only green leaves to recognize. Climbing Philodendron (Philodendron scandens) and Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum) thrive at illuminations as high as 500 to 600 lux - which is similar to the light of an ordinary desk lamp. But other plants, such as succulents, mosses or ferns, are ideal for wall greening, as long as they naturally remain small or can be pruned well. Hermannsd├Ârfer recommends, however, that the plants do not grow completely out of the frame. Anyone who is unsure should definitely ask a green space expert for advice.

wall greening

Murals in different shades of green

LED plant light

For a healthy growth of plants on the wall, light is one of the most important criteria. Special plant lights make it possible to hang plant pictures in almost any place in the home. These are equipped with the latest LED technology and consume little power. So the living plant picture thrives in dark corners as well.

Weekly water supply

If you take a closer look at the green wall embellishment, you will see that the plants in the background are supported by a cassette system. The roots have little space in it. Therefore, to maintain the balance between the base and the leaf mass, the plant should only be cut occasionally.

wall greening

With vertical wall plants green accents can be set in your apartment

Irrigation is the responsibility of a fleece or wick system, which, if necessary, transports water and fertilizer from the storage chamber behind the frame. The water supply is usually enough for four to six weeks. In addition, a float system ensures that only as much liquid flows in as it actually needs. So the wall and floor can never get too wet. In addition, on some models, an ad within the frame will tell you exactly when to refill.

Acquire living plant pictures

Gardeners of the Association for Landscape Gardening and Hydroponics have specialized in living plant pictures and are both in the planning and in the installation and maintenance of unusual wall beautification advisory to the side. Especially for larger projects, it is advisable to work together with a professional Raumbegr├╝ner. This will give you a helpful answer immediately if you have any questions about the technical details or the plant selection.

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