Fertilize walnut tree - that's what matters

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Walnut trees are relatively undemanding, especially when it comes to fertilization. Nevertheless, you can provide it with natural nutrients once a year.

Fertilize walnut tree - that's what matters

Basically, the walnut tree does not need much to thrive and develop fruit over time. However, this only applies if the site already has enough nutrients and the walnut tree lacks little.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a low maintenance effort, such as fertilization. We'll tell you how to do it.

Little is sometimes more

Liquid Fertilizer, Complete Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer - you do not have to worry about these options when it comes to growing your walnut tree. You can supply the tree with natural nutrients much more naturally: Compost.

Wait until the walnut tree has lost fruit. Now put the mature compost directly around the trunk on the ground and work it carefully into the soil. This not only improves the soil quality in terms of nutrients. The soil also loosens so that it can absorb moisture better again.

If your walnut tree grows poorly, does not produce fruits or develops withered leaves, a soil analysis is recommended. Take some soil and have it tested in a nursery or a laboratory. The result tells you which nutrients are missing in the soil and you can make a targeted fertilization.

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