Plant walnut tree - How to create optimal conditions

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Although a walnut tree is very easy to maintain, it takes up a lot of space over decades. Therefore, the cultivation should be well considered.

Plant walnut tree - Important information about space requirements and correct cultivation

Fresh walnuts from your own tree are a true delicacy. For true nut fans, it is natural that they plant a tree in the garden to harvest the tasty walnuts from September onwards. What sounds really simple, is associated with good planning.

You will be surprised what develops from a small walnut seedling after a few years. That is why it is extremely important, especially with walnut trees, that you first think enough about the condition of the site.

Walnut trees become powerful

If you give the walnut tree good conditions and sufficient space, it grows up to a mighty tree. He can serve as a shade donor and since he is sun-hungry, if possible place him in a sunny spot.

In small gardens it is not always easy to find a suitable location. Therefore, consider whether you make the right choice with the walnut tree. Alternatively, you can of course try to plant the tree close to the edge of the garden - but keep in mind that your neighbor might feel disturbed by the shadow in a few years.

The walnut is one of the trees that grow over a long period of time. Only at about thirty years the tree reaches its heyday and can now have a diameter of up to 12 meters.

Because the walnut needs space, it takes its own trick back: The roots and leaves contain a poison that suppresses the growth of other trees. Again, this is one reason why you should consider whether a location in the small garden - or in Zaungrenze to neighbors - makes sense. As a precaution, ask your neighbor whether he agrees to set a walnut tree. Not that your tree is growing, but you have to cut it, because you are not only struck by walnuts, but also by the annoyance of your neighbor.

" Danger: The walnut tree develops deep and long roots. If the tree is too close to the house, the roots can attack the foundation.

Plant walnut tree - that's what matters

Ground conditions for the walnut

If the walnut also wants space - and if necessary even creates space - it is relatively undemanding and copes with different soils. Nevertheless, there are soil conditions that are preferred:

  • Deep, sand interspersed ground
  • Moist soils
  • Neutral to slightly acidic soil

However, it depends on the ratio. The soil must not have too much sand, in addition the walnut tree repels waterlogging by growing only slowly and forming only a few nuts.

If you only have a dry location to choose from, make sure you keep the soil moist.

The right planting time

Does the walnut tree suit you or not? You have enough time to think about it, because you can plant the walnut tree from spring to autumn. Even seedlings survive the first winter if used before October.

" Tip: The planting time in autumn is almost ideal. Over the winter, the tree develops a solid root network and can start the new year with strong growth in the spring.

Planting the walnut tree

If possible, calculate a square area with a size of at least eight meters for the location. Within this square, there should be no more trees.

Before planting it is recommended to loosen the soil around the later planting hole. In loose soil, the fresh roots have an easier time. The planting hole is already quite powerful, especially in comparison to a small seedling. We recommend a hole with a diameter of about one meter. The depth should be at half a meter if possible.

In order for the walnut tree to look good, you should prepare the soil removed from the planting hole: Mix compost under the topsoil and add some slow-release fertilizer.

Place the seedling in the center of the dug hole and tie it to a pole so that it grows straight. Now fill the hole again with the prepared soil and water the tree.

" Tip: Pour the walnut tree daily after planting. He needs a lot of water in this phase because he can not even absorb water from the ground.

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