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Generally, the term wasp refers to an insect known as the true wasp from the subfamily of the wasp wasps. There are 61 species of this subfamily in the world, but only 11 species are found in Central Europe. In our latitudes it is the German wasp or the common wasp as well as the hornet, which makes its important contribution in the plant world.

Wasps are a nation-forming people and form new nests every year. The queen forms a state that can be up to 12,000 animals strong and puts in the spring ever an egg in the chambers formed by her a wasp nest. This is about five pieces to which then in the course of

next months more chambers will be grown. The fertilization of the eggs is done by herself, plus she has a semen bag in which sperm from the last fall are present.

Note: Many wasps are under nature protection

The state of the wasps is well organized and is maintained by various "occupations" of the wasps. There are wasps that are only involved in nest-building, those for cell cleansing, for larvae feeding, for the provision of the queen, and for those who have been assigned food. These wasps are the ones that cause trouble for humans because they feel harassed and threatened by the wasps.

The natural enemies of the wasps

Not only man seeks the wasps for life, natural enemies are present. These include, for example, the Honey Buzzard, which breaks up the nests and feeds the larvae they contain to their young. In addition to birds such as the red-backed shrike, hornets or dragonflies are also natural enemies of the wasp. But man is probably the greatest threat, whether consciously or unconsciously due to the ever-growing monoculture and development. Most humans feel threatened by wasps because they are afraid of the bite, which is painful and can lead to allergic reactions in some people. Attention: The German and the common wasp are the only wasps that become intrusive!

Especially in summer and autumn, when fruit is ripening in the garden and many sweet drinks, ice cream and cakes are consumed outdoors, wasps are attracted. The wasps that fly around in late summer and then put on all sweetness, are the workers who were previously employed in the nests. When the nests are dissolved, they fly around looking for food.

Man as enemy of wasps

Most people feel threatened by wasps hovering around them. They are afraid of stings and if they have an allergy to wasp stings, this fear is also justified. If one observes in April that wasps build a nest in the immediate vicinity of man and he is threatened in his daily life, the nest can be implemented by a specialist at this time. It's not very big at this point, so that's possible.

If you feel bothered by wasps when staying on the balcony, terrace or garden, you should not kill them in any case. They only sting when they feel threatened, and that's certainly the case when you beat it wildly. What aids are there to prevent the animals from getting too close to humans?

Tip: lure wasps away from humans and use best-cut grapes
When dealing with wasps actually the motto counts: in the rest is the strength, because only if one behaves quietly, did not feel wasps threatened and only looking for the food. Bakery shop assistants can sing a song about it, they have to do their daily work with the animals together. These precautions can also help:

  • do not wear colorful clothes
  • no perfume
  • neutral skin cream

These basic precautionary measures can protect people who work daily where wasps are. In addition, some home remedies for wasps can be used:

  • Harvest ripe fruit in the garden or
  • Remove fallen fruits regularly.
  • Fight aphids early, their excretions attract wasps.
  • Windows and doors in midsummer with flyscreen sniper.
  • Keep everything closed at the picnic!
  • Children regularly wash their mouths and hands when a wasp gets lost in the apartment.

With all precautions, it can happen, of course, that a wasp gets lost in the apartment. Especially when open doors and windows and sweet tempting fragrances invite in the apartment, this can happen quickly. There are several ways that you should weigh exactly if you want to use them. The fly swatter is probably the fastest method for all involved, the use of insect spray should not be made as possible. It also has an effect on the breathing air of humans, also one would have to spray the vest very close to it.Even UV light traps, as used against mosquitoes and moths, can kill wasps.
Man and wasp in the conflict of interests
Wasps usually catch other insects for this purpose, but of course it's easier to sit uncharged at our table than chasing flies. In principle, wasps are also not interested in stinging us. Do it anyway, then out of pure self-defense.

Sometimes you can observe them gnawing on rotten wood. These chewed particles form the basis for their paper-like nests. If we discover such at the house or in the garden we feel threatened, because in this area the animals are understandably extremely aggressive. Two home remedies can prevent:

  • freshly cut garlic cloves, or
  • cloth soaked in salmiak

If one puts these sources of fragrance near a nest building, one can with some luck prevent the settlement of a wasp state. But caution is required, because a threat to their nest can lead to violent attacks of the applied wasps. Therefore you should never worry about it yourself, but leave the distance to an expert! The animals in turn hold back with aggression, as long as you stay 2 to 3 meters from the nest and respects this safety distance.

Carefully drive out wasps

Wasps are not only annoying but also useful: they catch many pest insects, such as aphids, mosquitoes and moths, in the vicinity of their nest, and take part in the flower pollination in spring and summer. They serve as food for birds, especially in late summer, when the wasp peoples weaken due to the weather and slowly die off. In general, it is better for reasons of nature conservation, to avoid a conflict with wasps or to prevent it. However, if you get overwhelmed, especially if allergic persons or small children are present, you can lure them into a trap with the following components:

  • Beer (to save the bees),
  • sugar
  • and a drop of detergent.

Incidentally, as with bees, the wasps are only the females that sting. The males have no sting and are rarely found near humans.

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