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Wasp destruction: Use home remedies & baits: home

Like any other wildlife, the wasp enjoys the general protection of Section 39 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, it is forbidden to willfully disturb or harm, harm, or kill any wildlife, or to impair or destroy their habitats without good reason,

Also wasps are under animal protection

For endangered wild bees such as the bumblebees and wasp species such as the hornets is also the law on species protection, which makes any disturbance subject to approval.
Infringements of the protective regulations can be subject to fines, so each own procedure is subject to a considerable risk.

No wasp destruction with home remedies or baits

Only if there is a demonstrable reason for the elimination or if an exemption has been granted, then a correction is conceivable. As a rule, you can not do this yourself, which is only possible if you can identify the species that are particularly protected. An approved pest controller must therefore first determine whether an exemption is required, then this must be worried if necessary. This will not be easy, the nature conservation authority gives the permits only very restrictive.
Only then can be thought of an elimination of the wasp nest, with a resettlement must be made in the first place. Again, you should only take action if you have experience as a beekeeper and have the appropriate protective clothing, for home remedies or baits that destroy wasps, there is definitely no application room.
If you are surprisingly harassed by wasps in a dangerous manner, you could use a live trap for wasps until a pest controller commissions. For the garden attractive models made of stainless steel are offered, they are sold z. B. by Pro-Idee GmbH & Co. KG from 52053 Aachen, proidee.de. The wasps are caught in a glass flask and can later be released again by opening the lid of the trap. Of course, if the nest is nearby, that is only a brief temporary help.
An important reason for the pest controller to act is, for example, a proven allergy or a wasp nest in the immediate vicinity of your toddler's daily walks.

Useful wasps

This protection has not been established for no reason, wasps and hornets are very important for the ecosystem. An average wasp state consumes about 500 grams of flies, caterpillars, mosquitoes, spiders and moths per day. Thus, these animals are important to regulate the stock of crop and forest pests, also pollinate many wild plants and many plants in our gardens.
Due to the large mass of the destroyed insects also Siedamit are freed from many annoying insects, if you have a Waspennest nearby. In addition, before your war against the wasps, keep in mind that a nest will be inhabited for only one year, and will not be colonized the following year.

Not nearly as dangerous as their reputation

Incidentally, only two species of the countless species of wasp cause trouble for humans, that is the German wasp and the common wasp. These wasps also attack humans only when they are in extreme distress. So as long as you avoid hectic movements, leave the nests alone and leave no food open, you do not have much to worry about. Other tips for a garden stay without wasp sting: Do not wear colorful clothes, white clothing is unattractive for wasps. Do not use perfumes and creams with an intense scent. Cover beverage cans. They should not try to blow wasps out by blowing on the carbon dioxide in our breath, they panic. If you want to enjoy the coffee table in the garden in peace, you can use a distraction feeding, so set up a few meters away a plate of wasp treats.
Even if you are stung, usually not much will happen, the wasp poison becomes dangerous to a healthy person only at about 100 wasps stings per kilogram of body weight. Thus, an adult would have to get several thousand stitches, until he is seriously in danger, allergy sufferer, of course.
By the way, wasps have become more and more, because we fought their enemies, the Hornets, for decades without thinking. Many people still have the saying in their ears: "7 stitches kill a horse, 3 a man", in reality several hundred stitches are necessary here too, until a person is endangered.
Today, there are even garden owners who ask volunteer wasp advisors to locate a wasp nest or hornet nest as insect catchers in their garden.A comparison also helps to classify the actual threat: around 600 people die each year from bathing accidents, around 4,000 in traffic, only about 20 from an insect bite.

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