Wasp sting on the dog - Are stings in the mouth or paw dangerous?

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Wasp sting on the dog - Are stings in the mouth or paw dangerous?: sting

Usually the wasp sting does not cause your dog any major damage or pain. If the sting is still visible, try removing it. Better not with tweezers, if they squeeze the sting when you grab it, more poison could be squeezed into the wound. Maybe it will work if you push the sting with your fingernail or a piece of cardboard to the side until it falls off.

Normal reaction to the wasp sting

If you get up, you can suck the sting, but then you should be sure that you are not allergic yourself. The poison should be spit out immediately, so that it does not spread over the oral mucosa, best the mouth should then be rinsed out with a very hot liquid - as hot as you can tolerate, at 50 degrees, the proteins are bound in the poison. If you boil water with the kettle, it has 98 degrees when it boils, in the cup it is then only slightly colder. If possible, you can also give hot water over the wound, for about 60 seconds, then the poison should be neutralized. In most cases, however, you will just have hot coffee at hand when the dog is stung. Then the heat treatment can only be done with a special stick that you can buy. He heats up to 50 degrees at the touch of a button and is said to neutralize the poison by holding it down for a few seconds. It is then cooled, with ice cubes in a dishcloth or a cooling gel bag that is ready in the freezer. In between, you should keep the area warm again and again, so that it is perfused, which flours more venom from the prick and leads it to the liver, where it is broken down.
If the stitch passes on a walk where there are no tools at hand, you can only try to express the poison and see if there is a plantain in the area. It has antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating and should also contain substances that pull the poison out of the body. Simply chew the leafy ribwort leaves with plenty of spit and place the mush on the wound.
Later on, you can still relieve onion juice and vinegar, and a porridge made from Kaiser soda should help. This applies to all stings that develop normally, whether paw or other body part. In any case, you should watch your dog after the sting. Because, like humans, more and more dogs develop allergies that make it necessary to go to the vet.

Dangerous wasp stings

A wasp sting can be dangerous if your dog has been stabbed several times and if sensitive parts of the body such as mouth or throat are affected. If your dog shows a general weakness, respiratory problems or the swelling around the injection site is very large, he is immediately a veterinarian. Above all, you should observe whether swellings develop in the neck, neck or head. Evidence of an allergic reaction after a wasp sting are severe swelling in various areas of the body, continuous trembling of the dog and excessive panting. Then the situation can be life threatening, the dog needs now very quickly the veterinary treatment (usually with cortisone). High doses of calcium may prevent further worsening until the vet's treatment, perhaps you have calcium vials at home that can help your dog.
Otherwise, you can only cool your neck and snout until the vet is there, with stitches in the throat or in the oral cavity, you can feed your dog with ice, in which case, the tots can really get their money's worth.
Even if your dog seems to be responding normally, but the swelling has not receded after a few days, you should see the vet. If it is certain that your dog is allergic to wasp stings, the vet will give you an emergency drug like a human allergic person.

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