Wasp nest on the balcony of the apartment - what to do?

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For the biological balance in nature wasps are indispensable. The agile insects can become a plague in the vicinity of people in the summer and make the stay on the balcony and the terrace unbearable. It is more difficult when the animals seek refuge in the rental apartment. The implementation of a wasp nest is associated with effort and hurdles. With the right preparation and a few tricks, the uncomplicated coexistence of humans and insects often succeeds.

Unwelcome neighbors

In order to keep wasps effectively away from the balcony and the apartment, one should first briefly deal with the life cycle of the flying robbers. Unlike honeybees and ants, for example, only the fertilized queen hibernates in a sheltered shelter. On warm days in March or April, the insect wakes up from its hibernation and is shortly thereafter in search of a suitable location for the future wasp state. In this initial phase it is easy to stop the wasps' construction and to scare them off with simple methods.
The food supply on the balcony or the terrace plays a subordinate role for the construction of the nest. The following criteria must meet the place:
  • Wind protected and weatherproof.
  • Dry
  • Far from other wasp nests.
It is not uncommon for the insects to spread in the shutter box of a rental apartment. Between June and August, the wasp state has reached its full strength. The adult workers take care of the queen and fly out to find protein-rich food for the offspring. Sweet and carbohydrate foods are only suitable for the adult wasps. In natural gardens, flowers and the honeydew of aphids serve as a rich source of food. If this offer is inadequate or lacking, the wasps will deviate from alternatives.
Between August and October begins the dying phase of insects. Now it is mainly only the future princesses and males who hatch from the eggs. The social structure of the wasp people disintegrates. This change does not leave us without a trace. One notices an increasing aggressiveness of the animals. While previously the supply of the people was in the foreground, the wasps now have no more task and fly partly uncontrolled around. The dangerous phase begins, open foods and sweet drinks act like a magnet on the insects. Only with the drop in temperature, the population of winged pest spirits decreases increasingly.
Tip: Many species of wasps are protected, so the legal removal of a wasp's nest is only allowed in a few exceptional cases. It is worthwhile to consult with a specialist.

Effectively expelling wasps

wasp's nest

Defensive measures can be taken even before the wasp queen selects the home balcony or apartment as the ideal location for her nest in spring. For example, the insects react to intense odors. This circumstance can be used to drive out wasps through profane household remedies. Effective and sustainable is, for example, the cultivation of strong-smelling spice and vegetable plants in the immediate vicinity of the balcony and terrace. Tomatoes, garlic, basil and lavender effectively repel insects before they can harm humans. Other options include:
  • Set up bowls of essential oils.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Burn coffee grounds or powder or cause it to glow.
  • Lemon halves with cloves.
  • Smoke sage and incense.
Not everyone wants to hang a chain of garlic bulbs on the kitchen wall. In order to protect yourself from the annoying insects in the house, you should attach fly screens to the windows. With the lightweight material made of air- and translucent plastic you can also seal patio doors and balcony doors. In return, it makes sense not to attract the wasps at all. Sweet drinks, such as lemonade and cola, should always be closed immediately with a lid.
The same applies to food of all kinds. During a barbecue with friends, it is difficult to get all food out of the reach of insects. Cover the food with a special hood. Never store open cans in the open without rinsing. This attracts not only wasps, but also other pests, such as rats and mice. The smell of fruit is similar to sweet, human foods. Immediately remove fallen fruit before the putrefaction process magically attracts the winged insects.
Simple but efficient: take advantage of the fact that the yellow-black insects never nest in close proximity to other wasps. Lightly brown a layer of brown baking paper and attach it to a corner of the balcony.The chance is great that the wasp queen will be fooled by this dummy in the spring and is looking for another place for her nursery.

Distract and implement

Disturbing odors can keep a large number of wasps away. However, as it often happens in the animal kingdom, everything does not always work reliably. In that case, it makes sense to take other methods. The independent and non-professional removal of a wasp's nest is forbidden by law in almost all species. Only in exceptional cases can a specialist intervene here and move the insects to another location, safe for humans and animals. This measure is especially advisable if you or your family members are allergic to the wasp stings. It is more difficult to remove a wasp nest in the false ceiling or in the roof.


In midsummer, the strength of the insect population can reach immense proportions, and the animals literally love to eat wood and other organic materials to build their own home. Immense damage can occur on and in the house necessitating a major and costly repair.
When implementing or removing the wasp nest, a professional pest control officer does not necessarily have to be called. A call to the local beekeepers association usually helps with such a problem. Dedicated amateur beekeepers with their protective equipment are able to quickly and gently remove the stingy insects from the balcony.
Tip: The blanket statement that the fire department is responsible for a wasp nest is not correct. In case of doubt, ask.
Unauthorized activities on a larger wasp nest can have unpleasant consequences. When closing the entry hole, for example, the insects eat at another location. In exceptional cases, this caused the winged pests to come out inside the living rooms. The fight with a vacuum cleaner can backfire quickly. Already an unsealed site is enough to allow the wasps to fall on the attacker of the nest and be dangerous.
A bright spot for Leidgeplagte: The nests on the balcony or in the rented apartment are "only" one year old. After the onset of the first frost in autumn, the number of flying insects drops drastically. In the following year, the young wasp queen does not settle the old dwellings, but creates a completely new home for her court. It is not uncommon that this nursery is right next to the old wasp nest.


An efficient way to keep the insects at bay is distraction feeding. If, for example, you are planning a large barbecue party with your family and friends in midsummer, you should treat the wasps to a piece. The following components are suitable:
  • Sliced ​​watermelons
  • Layered apples
  • Ripe, peeled bananas
  • meat leftovers
The distraction feeding should be placed at a sufficient distance. Proven to have 3 to 5 meters. Most of the black and yellow insects focus on these ingredients and leave your food largely untouched. Remove the components at night. Nothing gets around faster in the wasp nest than the new, abundant food source. And the stinging insects are not afraid to use them extensively in the following days. The application of a sugar solution or honey is not recommended. These materials attract bees and can help spread disease.

Build a simple wasp trap

With a simple trick, you can build a trap that effectively keeps the wasps away from your living area.
  • Cut a PET bottle in the upper third.
  • Put the top piece like a funnel upside down on the bottle.
  • Fix with adhesive tape.
  • Pour beer mixed with dish soap a few inches high.
  • Install or hang at a safe distance.


The wasp trap in the PET bottle is a quick and inexpensive home remedy to help you fight the pests. Avoid the case with a high-sugar liquid. By the detergent and the funnel there is no escape for the trapped insects. If necessary, the trap can be quickly emptied and reactivated.

Chemical pesticides

Wasps are useful and contribute to the decimation of other pests in the garden. Not always succeeds in time to remove a wasp nest from the balcony or the terrace. In such a case, it is tempting to resort to aggressive products from the trade. The sales of insect spray and foam are increasing at the beginning of the gardening season. However, such chemical lobes are discouraged. The application of funds is easy, but controversial. Apart from the fact that many species of wasps are strictly protected, the pesticides attack other beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.
The removal of a wasp nest is difficult but not impossible. With simple tricks can already prevent the construction of the insect nest on the balcony or in the rented apartment.At a later date, a potential wasp plague can be stopped with profane means.

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