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Bubble stones, gargoyles and fountains are visually and acoustically a pleasure that you should not miss.

A look at catalogs and the shelves of the garden trade reveals: Never before was the supply of technical and decorative Accessories for the water garden as big as today!
The wet element exerts an irresistible fascination on many garden owners - and the more movement comes into play, the better!
For garden ponds There is a large selection of atmospheric fountains that are easy to install: Place the pump on the bottom of the pond, bring the telescopic tube to the correct length, put on the desired fountain nozzle, and you're done! Additional finesse get fountains through light and fog effects that you with as well uncomplicated electrical appliances can generate.

But even hobby gardeners who decide against the installation of a pond, do not have to do without water in the garden. An absolute boom is currently experiencing bubble stones: Complete sets of water basins with cover, pump and decorative stone are now available in all imaginable styles and from different materials: unprocessed fieldstone, polished natural stone, fine ceramics, imaginative concrete casting or deceptively real-looking stone imitation made of plastic.
If you like it individually, first buy only pool, cover and pump and gives the desired Bubble stone with hole commissioned by a stonemason.
There only bubbles little space claim, they can be almost anywhere in the garden insert. However, you should give the water feature a nice, so that the refreshing splashing is good place of honor For example, in the garden at the terrace or on the patio, in a book rondel in the front garden or at a striking intersection.

A mini water garden in the pot This is a nice alternative if you prefer water in its quiet, contemplative way, but you do not have enough space for a pond.
For this you need one large, frost-resistant and watertight vessel. Popular Wooden barrels and glazed clay pots. They can be planted like small ponds with aquatic plants in grid baskets.
Marsh Marigold, Small Cattail, Iris, Pike and even Dwarf water lily You can thrive here for years if you wrap the vessel in the winter with insulating material and put it in a sheltered place near the house.

Lovers of modern, architectural gardens usually have to search a bit longer to find a suitable water feature for their green kingdom.
Sourcestone unprocessed natural stones are inappropriate in an environment where clear shapes and straight lines set the tone. Figures as gargoyles on the other hand, they fit better in romantic gardens. In particular, reduced are required for this garden style geometric shapes such as cuboids, pyramids or spheres with smooth, polished surfaces of stone, concrete or stainless steel.

Gargoyle at the pond are beautiful eye-catchers and fulfill with their gentle lapping the green kingdom with life. In addition, they also have fish ponds practical function: The water jet enriches the pond water with vital oxygen.
The installationGargoyles on the pond are just as easy as installing a fountain. It connects the small submersible pump via a hose with the gargoyle, sunk the submersible pump in the pond and hides hose and power cable. The electricity comes either from the socket or - more modern - from one Solar module.

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