Pool in the garden - the alternative to the pond?

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Small or larger water holes in the garden are not only very common to find, but can really enhance a garden and be an absolute eye-catcher.

Pool in the garden - the alternative to the pond?: alternative

Of course, a pool of water looks particularly beautiful, even if plants or even fish find their home in it. For this, however, compelling aspects are crucial in order to minimize the sources of error.
Plants require appropriate potting soil, which can be poured into small flowerpots just as freely on the pelvic floor. Fish feel well only in limited numbers in a pool.
However, one should rely on a relatively large diameter compared to a certain depth. The size of the tub gives the animals enough swimming pool space, while deep waterholes prevent a complete freezing of the pool contents, especially in winter.
As a pool of water becomes a stagnant water without further labor and material use, not only does fish and plants die faster, but the water itself also begins to stink and forms unsightly lubricating films.
Therefore, a water pump, of whatever kind, must be used. Particularly attractive at this point is the use of a fountain. It upgrades the water basin itself and at the same time acts as a circulating pump, so that the water is enriched with oxygen. Plants and animals thus have a chance of survival and feel well.

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