Water from the pipe - Not suitable for every plant?

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Water your plants with rainwater

Certainly you water your plants regularly. But you're sure to pour them all out with water, right?

It is best to use rainwater
Indoor plants and balcony flowers and also the plants in the conservatory must be watered regularly. Summer as well as winter. For this we use the water from the tap. Where else should you take it from? Well, whoever has a garden with a rain cistern can and should use the rainwater. This is best for the plants.

Tap water is usually very calcareous
Who can not access the water from a rain cistern, which must take the water from the tap. This in turn is calcareous and has a different pH from area to area. Lime is not suitable for many plants. These include ferns, orchids, azaleas, gardenias and the flamingo flower. These plants should not be poured directly with the water from the pipe.

Use distilled water or peat tablets
Basically, it is recommended to buy distilled water. That's a very expensive affair, though. Alternatively, you can also use a water filter if you have one. But you can also add peat tablets to the water. By the way, you can determine the degree of hardness of the water yourself with a test from the specialized trade or inquire at the local waterworks.

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