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There are some good reasons for designing a water garden. The wet element has fascinated man and beast since time immemorial and is the basis of all life - not for nothing did early human settlements almost always come close to the water. Silent water surfaces have a soothing aura in the garden, while the pleasant splashing of moving water has an invigorating effect. There are many ways to get water into the garden. From the bubbling stone over the mini-pond with a predetermined shape to the individual water garden with various ponds and connecting streams.

If you like it naturally and want to give many animals a habitat, should create a natural pond. To create a varied biotope with different water depths, the pond should be at least six square meters in size. For ornamental ponds, the visual impact of the water is in the foreground. In addition to colorful perennials and attractive ornamental grasses on the edge of the pond, various decorative elements such as figures or water features are also used here. Strict geometric shapes determine the formal pond. He can look back on a long tradition in the European garden art and has his justification in modern gardens.

Garden pond with fish

Fishponds are a specialty for lovers of colorful pond dwellers

Of course, when designing a water garden you are not tied to a concrete variation - the transitions between the styles are fluid. So a lush planting loosens every strict, geometric pond edge. And even a natural pond can be enriched with a tasteful sculpture. Mini-water gardens can be laid out on the balcony and terrace or in the front yard. If you want to immerse yourself, lies with a swimming pond right. But no matter how you decide: water gardens are always an eye-catcher and create a very special atmosphere.


Even on a small balcony or on a narrow terrace, refreshing ideas can be implemented - from a shallow bowl of floating plants to a rippling trickle of water to colorful flowers in a bucket or wooden barrel. When planting one should give up too vigorous candidates.
The correct location of the mini-pond in the water garden is at least as important as the plant selection. Because the vessels are usually free-standing and have only a limited volume of water, they heat up quickly and it comes to algae faster than large garden ponds. Therefore, the tubs, tubs and vats should not stand on the south balcony in the full sun, they are better off in a partially shaded place.
Because nutrient inputs promote algae growth, one must be very careful when fertilizing plants in the mini-pond. For water lilies, for example, long-term fertilizers in conical form, whose nutrients can directly absorb the plant roots, are suitable.

Mini pond in Zinkwane

Even a planted with water plants zinc tub is enough to get a water garden on the terrace

natural ponds

For natural ponds, nine square meters of water surface and one meter of depth are the minimum. Watching this very own world of plants, insects and aquatic animals up close can be overwhelming. Over-water wooden decks, islands, footbridges or beachfront seating provide opportunities to keep track of who is in the natural pond. Near-natural marsh and bank plants contribute to the biodiversity and for clear water they are indispensable anyway. Without fish no pond, but their excrements increase the nutrient content and thus promote algae growth. Who does not want to do without the swimmers, chooses native, small species such as three-spined stickleback or minnow.


A stream can splash gently away or rushing into the depths as a bubbling waterfall. It can run in a curved bed or in dead straight channels - however flowing water is shaped, its calming and invigorating effect is guaranteed! Add to that a fascinating look and the special acoustic effect.
For the water to flow, a gradient is required. A hillside garden is an advantage, but not a must. Because even flat surfaces can be modeled, for example, with the excavation that occurs during the construction of the catch basin or pond. Already one to two percent gradient in the water garden suffice for a calmer stream; if it is supposed to bubble up, about five percent is needed. The appropriate planting ensures that the stream fits seamlessly into the garden. However, it is, like the design with stones, taken after a successful trial run in attack.


Designed with differently sized stones, a stream gets alpine character

swimming ponds

A swimming pond is usually the dominant element in the water garden.It should not only look natural, but also work - and for that, a certain size is indispensable. The purification of the water in the real swimming pond is done by plants that grow in a special filter substrate. They absorb nutrients, give off oxygen and thrive in a separate area: The pond is divided into a swimming and a regeneration zone for the plants. A dividing wall that extends just below the water surface prevents the plants from growing into the pool. The principle of the sewage treatment plant works when the regeneration zone occupies at least 60 percent of the pond surface. If you would like to have around 60 square meters of swimming space, you should reserve at least 150 square meters of garden space in the entire pond.
For small gardens systems are suitable, which not only clean the water in the planted zone, but pass through filters. The more technology is used, the smaller the plant area can be. So that you can swim, the pool should be at least 8 x 4 meters in size, together with the planted zone results in a minimum size of about 45 square meters for the pond.

swimming pond

The pond experience is particularly intense when you can dive into the water at summer temperatures - a swimming pond, directly accessible from the terrace, makes it possible

Formal pools

Formal pools of water are the perfect fit for modern architecture and often recapture areas and lines of the building. It is important in any case, a clearly recognizable border, so that the form comes to its best advantage. Whether square or rectangle, circle, oval or a long gutter - here decides the overall design and the size of the garden. A great advantage is that even on mini-plots with small pools great effects are achieved.

Formal water basin

The design of the floor in the pool is important for the overall effect and the mirror effect. Patterns of stones at the bottom of a shallow pool have their own special charm

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