Pool and mini pond - differences

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If you want less "sadness" and more "life" on your home terrace or balcony, you have different options to fulfill this wish.
Certainly, in this context, the equipping of outdoor facilities with pots, flower boxes or similar decorative containers offers.
For all those who, on the other hand, want a particularly unusual design, they will certainly appreciate the mini pond or the water basin.
The mini pond - a true eye candy
In contrast to the classic water basin, a miniature pond is usually a bit more expensive in terms of construction. Basically, it is a water-filled, very spacious container or flower pot, which can be equipped with planters in different sizes.
If you like, you can also put pretty clay balls, a water feature or other decorative elements in the mini pond. In any case, it is a real highlight on every balcony and on every terrace. Even if only little space is available, this way you can create a beautiful "water landscape".
The mini pond "lives on"
Where a mini pond is created, of course, should not be missing some "animal" residents. Excellently suitable there are for example bitterlings and pond mussels. Sooner or later, frogs, newts or dragonflies will certainly find their way. Of course, beyond that, an adequate planting must be produced.
Among other things, the marsh sword lily, the loosestrife or the flower louse are the ideal plants for a pretty mini pond in the local outdoor areas. The fir fronds, the crab claw or the horn blade are also among the most popular plant species in a mini pond.
Because they do not grow too fast, they are resistant and also characterized by a comparatively long life span. Incidentally, the additional installation of a water pump is not required. Because the required oxygen is produced exclusively by the plants themselves.
After all, nature knows how to help itself. In the end, this means that only a very small amount of work is required to care for the mini pond. The greater the joy that one will have when observing the animal and vegetable inhabitants.
The design of a water basin
In general, a pool of water consists of a spacious vessel equipped with clay, planting substrate and individual planting. If you like, you also use one or the other pond snail. A rapid increase of the same is usually safe in advance.
The wider or deeper the water tank is, the more plants can fit into it. One of the most commonly used plants in a pool is the cattail. This plant is resistant and can defy even in winter frost and moisture. Now and then it happens that annoying thread algae form in the container.
These not only look ugly and make the water seem unclean. Also on the formation of flowers on the cattail an excessive algae infestation has a negative effect.
The water basin can accommodate even the smallest of spaces.
True to the motto: "Space is in the smallest hut" will find just for the water basin an adequate location on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace. In any case, it is a unique method of "highlighting" the precious element of water in a sophisticated way while at the same time enhancing the visual realities of a space.
Water basins are available in many colors, shapes and sizes and pamper your senses with their quiet yet soothing lapping. Of course it is also possible to make a pool of water as a well.
For this purpose, however, it is necessary to build a special water inlet. Above all, a suitable hose leadthrough and an aquarium pump should not be missing. Thus, gradually a "botanical" artwork is created.


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