Celebrate a wedding in the garden - you have to think about these 6 points

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Who wants to celebrate his wedding in the garden, must take over most of the tasks alone. I summarized the most important 6 points for your planning here.

Wedding in the garden tips

It should be the most beautiful day in life! For this to work, a wedding must be well prepared. There are countless things to think about, so ultimately nothing really goes wrong. Before you can start planning, you have to calculate the budget. The financial framework determines how extensive the celebration will be and where. Organized celebrations in hotels and restaurants take a lot of work, but also cost accordingly. Many bridal couples try to save first of all at the location. It is becoming increasingly popular to organize the wedding in the garden - also because the green oasis is more personal and can be designed according to individual ideas.
If you have your own garden, you save a lot of money, but you also have a lot of tasks ahead of you. I will focus on the most important points in this article, but I would now advise you to start planning in good time so that the wedding day can be celebrated stress-free.

Genau Check the exact amount of space required

Garden is not the same garden - I'll tell you nothing new. When you know how many guests will attend the wedding, think about where and if tables, chairs, etc. can be accommodated. A wedding table does not necessarily have to consist of a long row of tables. Round tables that can accommodate 6 to 8 people look more festive and offer the opportunity to have a better time. The corresponding furniture can usually be borrowed from resident local clubs or rented together with a marquee. Do not forget to book a location for the buffet and for the music, ie DJ or band.

Personalize your (garden) invitations

Even if it's faster, please do not send your invitations to the wedding via WhatsApp! It has become fashionable to image yourself on the invitation, that is, to use a picture of the bride and groom. This part is done quickly, because such a photo is best in the garden! This will also give you the clue where the wedding will take place. Those who do not dare to design the invitations themselves, leave this work to professionals.

Vorbereitet Be prepared for weather conditions

Marquee wedding garden

As beautiful as a wedding in the garden may be, if the weather does not play along, it can quickly become a dull day. Since neither you nor I have any influence on the weather, you have to come up with something. As mentioned above, it is possible to rent a large marquee in which thanks to the solid floor can also be danced. The food - here I recommend a buffet - should be something outsourced become. This means you need more parking space and a corresponding roofing. Not only rain, but sun can harm the freshly prepared food and make you look unsightly.

The easiest way to play it safe is a gazebo. But beware, the models differ enormously, not only from the price. What you need in the wedding garden, is a waterproof tent, which also has a corresponding stability to defy sometimes a stronger gust of wind. The experts of faltpavillon-wasserdicht.de recommend pavilions that can be quickly set up and dismantled, so instead of the usual plug connection have a scissor mechanism. Thanks to the uncomplicated folding technology, the hostel for the buffet, the music system or a play area for the youngest guests is quickly set up and just as quickly re-packed.

➔ Extra tip: Order the caterer not only the food, but also the same dishes including pickup in the used state, so you do not have to worry about a washing-up opportunity in the garden.

❹ Power and lighting

The general rule: rather, plan an extension cable more and put it in handy!

A point that is easily forgotten at a wedding in the garden is enough power. It is best to make a sketch of which "places" in the garden all have to be supplied with electricity (fridge, music system, speakers, lighting for marquee and pavilion, lantern chain).

❺ decoration and table decoration

Wedding garden decoration

The beauty of a wedding in the garden is that you are sitting in the middle of the decoration. With floral borders and potted plants a natural flower decoration is already given. Take a look in the garden, which flowers will bloom to your appointment and you have the matching table decoration ready. Collect glasses or canned food in advance, decorate them beautifully (suggestion in pastel colors on creativlive.at) and save yourself the money for vases and expensive arrangements. Who celebrates his wedding in the garden, sets in the decoration better on the motto "less is more". Tealights are the simplest way to create a romantic flair.Again, there are countless ways to tinker decorative tealight holder yourself - a brilliant idea with instructions, there is on handmadekultur.de.

Conclusion: A wedding in the garden does not have to look like a "low flame". On the contrary, if you take enough time to plan and pay attention to these 6 points, your most beautiful day will be the most memorable one you have ever experienced in the garden.

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