Weed control - 4 control methods

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Weeds are also popularly called wild herbs. There are some very stubborn varieties that make life difficult for a gardener. Only by fighting the weeds can you get rid of it.

Weed combat methods

control methods
Fight the weeds properly - but please without chemicals! We have put together a few methods for controlling some wild herbs here:

  1. Dandelion is best dug with a dandelion engraver along with the tap root. If leftovers remain, new plants form out of them.
  2. Stinging nettles are hand-scarred (put on gloves) or gouged out with a spade. The same method is applied to the thistle, the field-wind, the Spitz and Breitweger oak and the Giersch.
  3. The field horsetail is cut directly below the surface with a sharp knife.
  4. The grass is cut out with a sharp object, it should be dug very deep.

Keep weeds at bay
Many gardeners, especially those who own a cottage garden, refrain from removing weeds. This is not a problem in this case, but you should keep it at bay, because it can make the habitat of other plants. Particularly treacherous are field winds and greed, which are difficult to combat and can form the meter-long roots.

Video Board: Weed Control Techniques - Part 1 of 4.

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