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Remove weeds: 9 effective remedies for walkways - salt / vinegar information: remedies

Whether driveway, sidewalk or terrace, in places where there are joints or a walkway was covered with gravel, forms over time ugly weeds that make the area seem neglected. If you want to make sense of this, you have the choice between different effective means to remove the weeds. Salt and vinegar are high on the list. But other, environmentally friendly means have worked well.


Salt is certainly the best way to remove the weeds from the joints of sidewalks in addition to the chemical clubs. However, this process is not an eco-friendly solution at all. If you still want to work with salt against the weeds, you should proceed as follows:
  • Prepare saline
  • 10% salt, the rest water
  • give the solution into the affected joints
  • the salt is absorbed by the weeds
  • Liquid is withdrawn
  • Weeds die
  • even the roots are completely destroyed
  • Joints remain so unclear for a long time
Salt is controversial, because it penetrates the soil and changes the conditions of the groundwater and the earth. In addition, salt is forbidden for use against weeds on sidewalks, driveways or terraces, this is regulated in the Plant Protection Act in § 6. The infringement, if discovered, can result in heavy fines.
Tip: Especially when trees line the path, it should be better to eliminate the weeds with salt. Because this is the same as when sprinkling with salt in winter. The trees absorb the salt seeped into the soil via the roots, but many are not salt-tolerant and could thus cause great damage or even dying.


Many hobby gardeners swear to remove the weeds with vinegar and destroy. In contrast to the use of salt or even a chemical club, vinegar is a little more environmentally friendly. But also vinegar belongs, as well as the salt to the substances forbidden by the plant protection law, which may not be used on a surface not used horticulture. In this case, the walkways also belong to these areas. If you still want to work with vinegar against the weeds in the joints, you must proceed as follows:
  • Make a solution
  • mix one part of vinegar and one part of water
  • squirt in the joints
  • the weeds are coming in
  • even the roots are damaged
  • can be plucked out easily
  • then sweep with a broom
Tip: Since, when used with vinegar, the weeds must still be plucked out of joint so that they look neat again, this work of plucking can also be done simply after a rain. The vinegar solution can be dispensed with.

legal situation must be observed!

scrape out

The most conventional and, above all, the most gentle method of clearing the joints on garden paths is certainly scratching out. In the past, when crouching on knees, the weeds were brought out of joint with a short joint scraper, so today the work is made a little easier. Nevertheless, it is difficult and especially not suitable for very large areas. For manual scraping, the procedure is as follows:
  • Always scratch joints after rain
  • Of course, work can also be done during the rain
  • The weeds are easier to remove wet
  • Use the joint scraper and joint brush
  • Carefully scrape out and brush the joints
  • sweep up the weeds after work
  • do not dispose of on the compost
  • otherwise seeds can spread throughout the garden
  • better in bag in residual waste
Tip: To be able to work while standing, joint scrapers and brushes are now offered with a telescopic rod. This can be put on the appropriate length and is thus back-friendly.

Electric joint cleaner

With a long walkway and a large area, an electric joint cleaner is an ideal solution. This is due to its equipment especially back-friendly. Because the telescopic handle, which can be adjusted to the desired height, the work is greatly facilitated. The Electric Grout Cleaner has been designed to remove the weeds in every little gap:
  • Wire brush mills the weeds
  • equipped with guide line and guide roller
  • so the device stays in line
  • the entire joint is cleaned in this way
  • Beware of different stones
  • not all are suitable for this cleaning
  • it could be scratched the walkway throughout
  • Therefore, before work, inquire if stones are suitable for it
Tip: If you do not want to buy an electric grout cleaner, because you only want to use it once, for example, because the joints are to be completely closed after use, you can borrow such equipment on a daily basis in the hardware store or garden trade.

high pressure cleaner

Weed remove walkway

High pressure cleaners are also a great way to rid the walkways of weeds. Like many other gardening machines, a high-pressure cleaner can also be hired on a daily basis in well-stocked trade. But since the device is versatile, it is also worth buying. When working with the high-pressure cleaner, proceed as follows:
  • Connect the device to a garden hose
  • Wear rubber boots
  • possibly rainproof clothing
  • the water can splash back from the surface
  • hold the jet directly onto the joints
  • The stones can also be cleaned directly
However, depending on what a stone it is with the Gehplatten, is to be foreseen from the use of a high-pressure cleaner, as this could otherwise attack the substance of the stones and thus damage.
Tip: If you are working with a high-pressure cleaner, then you should first make sure that there are no small children or pets nearby. Because if hit by the hard water jet, it can cause extreme pain and even hematoma. In the worst case, the little ones are thrown with force.

Boiling water

A very profound but very effective home remedy for weeds in the joints is hot water. For very large areas, however, the destruction of weeds with hot water also means a lot of work. But if you have the opportunity to connect the hose to a hot water access, you can also work on long sidewalks in this way. The hot water offers the following advantages:
  • very environmentally friendly
  • little effort needed
  • is poured directly into the joints
  • so the roots of the weeds are also scalded
  • Plants die so permanently
  • also possible seeds are made harmless
  • let dry
  • Pull out plants after that

weed burner

Like the hot water, the weed burner works by heat. For this purpose, the joints are flattened and the weeds are sustainably destroyed along with the roots, so that there will be nothing left between the joints for a long time. The procedure is as follows:
  • Burn out the joints with a gas burner
  • Be particularly careful
  • Other things can be damaged with the flamethrower
  • for example other plants
  • or the lights lining the garden path
Tip: It is important to consider in advance whether the material of the sidewalk can withstand the flames. Because some laid stones are too sensitive for the big heat. In such a case later not only the weeds are removed, but also the walkway is considerably damaged.


The law prohibits the use of chemical agents on sidewalks, driveways or terraces. The chemical weed killers, even if it were that simple, can reach the groundwater with their harmful substances. So these may not be easily applied in your own garden. Anyone who is caught using chemical agents to kill weeds on the trails can expect a hefty fine.

Biological weed killer

Dandelion - Dandelion

Better than the home remedies salt and vinegar or the chemical leg is to use a biological weed killer. Therefore, anyone who shies away from the strenuous work with the various devices, can get a liquid, biological agent in the specialized trade. In this case, the procedure is as follows:
  • Dilute according to manufacturer's instructions
  • into the affected joints
  • Plants are completely destroyed
Tip: The biological weed killer from the trade is not prohibited and may also be used on all surfaces according to the Plant Protection Act.

Prevent weed growth

If you need to relocate a sidewalk, you can also prevent it permanently here. So under the plates a weed fleece is created, which is available in the well-stocked garden trade or a tree market. This is simply cut to size and placed in the excavated way before placing the plates. The fleece can of course also be designed under terraces or a driveway. If the joints are then additionally filled with sand or gravel, the fleece is no longer visible. For existing ways without fleece lining there is another permanent solution:
  • Scrape out joints thoroughly
  • Remove all weeds like that
  • Use paving mortar
  • is simply swept with a broom in the joints
  • resin-based this is elastic
  • very suitable for outdoor use
  • Frost will not cause any damage
  • there are no cracks due to wetness
  • Weeds no longer have a chance
Tip: Preventing the weeds in this way is a good choice, because otherwise it grows every year several times and must be removed. Therefore, especially when creating paths or other surface should be thought about here to prevent directly. Especially for the reason that the fleece is a cost effective method.

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