Weeds pass - root-deep and environmentally friendly!

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With Finalsan weed-free, even stubborn weeds such as dandelion and greed can be successfully and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Weeds pass - root-deep and environmentally friendly!: Finalsan

Finalsan Weed Free Plus AF: The ready-to-use spray combats problem weeds such as the dandelion down to the root tip

Weeds are plants that grow in the wrong place at the wrong time. This can be the tomato in the perennial bed as well as the marguerite in the vegetable garden or the dandelion on the garden path. The most environmentally friendly way of weed removal is hacking. But in some places this is tedious, for example under hedges. This is where the environmentally friendly Finalsan Weed Free Plus helps.

Environmentally friendly with immediate and long-term effects

Dandelion Finalsan before after

A dandelion before and after treatment with Finalsan weed free

Finalsan weed free is an environmentally friendly preparation against the weeds in the garden. Thanks to the natural pelargonic acid and a growth regulator, Finalsan affects the leaves as well as the root. This gives an immediate effect and also a long-term effect. In sunny weather, the leaves are dried up within a few hours and appear as if burned.

Problematic greed

Giersch weed control

Problem weed number one: the greed (Aegopodium podagraria)

One of the biggest weed problems in the garden is the greed. This plant is a true survivor thanks to its dense root system. Simple chopping is not enough here, because from each little root piece of greed can drive out again.
Before you put new shrubs or other plants in your garden, especially if they come from friends or neighbors, you should look carefully, if you do not get greed in your garden. Against greed, field horsetail and other problem cases acts Finalsan GierschFree.

Finalsan weed free

For larger areas Finalsan weed free is also available as a concentrate. It is diluted with water and applied with a sprayer

Finalsan affects all green parts of plants. That means you can not use it in the lawn because the lawn grasses would die too. And also directly hit perennials would be badly damaged. Finalsan does not distinguish between weeds and crops. However, you can use it right next to your garden plants without any problems. After the application you only have to wait two days to put new plants in place.

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