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The own garden could look so beautiful, if weeds would not spread everywhere. Read here how to use weed killer properly.

Use biodegradable weed killers

Use of herbicides is prohibited

In principle, the use of herbicides (herbicides) in the garden is prohibited! This ban is described in detail within the Public Plant Protection Ordinance, which is subject to regular changes. This ordinance can be consulted at any time with the local authorities - information obligation of the gardener.

Weed to the root fight

The advantage of herbicide application against weeds, however, is clearly that the unfriendly weed plants are fought down to the root. The active ingredients are usually taken directly from the leaves, the weeds die off slowly and then easily by hand from the garden bed can be removed thoroughly - always wear protective gloves.

Tip: Keep weed killers away from children and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before use.

When ecologically harmless weed killers (biodegradable) are used, new plants can usually be planted again after a short time on the treated areas.


Most weed killers are diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the weeds. The garden retailers already offer ready-to-use mixtures for allotment gardens. An effect of the agent of two hours should be taken into account - insofar as rain does not affect this time.

An application can already take place early in the spring until autumn. However, the outdoor temperatures should not be below 15 degrees. The application is only permitted on agricultural and forestry areas and in gardens. But not on sidewalks, driveways and the like anymore.

Tip: Care should be taken when selecting herbicides that they are safe for animals (including bees).

It should also be remembered that a single weed killer should not be applied to the same location for years. The garden may otherwise show some resistance to the agent, so it is partially ineffective.

Video Board: How to apply Roundup weed killer.

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