Remove weeds from the garden track - 3 tips

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After a garden path always admirers, it should always be neatly maintained. How to remove the weeds from the garden path, read here.

Just lay a weed fleece

Tip 1 - Lay pond liner or garden fleece

The weed growth can be struck within the route a trick in which he hardly gets a chance to get to the rails. Why, however, the rail surface must be equipped accordingly. For this case, the laying out of a suitably cut pond liner or a garden fleece, which keeps the weeds away from the track rails for years. Of course, plastic plates can be used for this purpose, but their purchase is extremely expensive.

Lay foil or fleece
" Step 1:
First, the width of the rail guide must be calculated: Track gauge + track attachment + about 1 centimeter addition on both sides, Based on this calculated width value, the leaflets are marked and tailored.

" Step 2:
When laying along the route, it should be noted that overlaps at the beginning and end of a film web should be at least 5 to 10 centimeters. In curves, the film or the fleece should be cut correspondingly wider and cut several times in each circle - the depth of cut results from the degree of the curve.

" Step 3:
The cut lobes are then slightly strung and weighted with stones. If possible, use the same stones, which will later be used for rail side mounting.

Tip 2 - Spot weed removal

Sometimes only single weed plants grow along the railway line. In other cases, there is a true weed plague. Both variants can of course be countered with a garden rake, which is often extremely tedious for the garden railway operator. The ideal is then already the use of a pressure sprayer, which is filled with an environmentally friendly weed shredder. Then it can be sprayed with the weeds point.

After an average of two to three days of exposure, the dead weeds can easily be removed by hand, using gardening gloves to prevent any residual spray from attacking the skin. And make sure that at the same time the root is removed.

Tip 3 - Biological weed removal

On warm days, home remedies are also perfect for removing weeds in the permeable rail area - do not apply if pond liner, garden fleece or other building materials (such as plastic sheets or paving stones) have been laid beneath the rails.

For example, some salt is sprinkled on the weed plants or vinegar is sprinkled on it. The sun burns the weeds and a rain shower washes the surface clean again. If it does not rain, this process can easily be completed with a watering can. Then remove the weed plant with the whole root if possible.


Please note that all herbicides, including salt and vinegar, must always comply with current plant protection regulations. Otherwise, an improper or unauthorized use of these funds can lead to a penalty order by the competent regulatory authority!

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