Weeds in the grass - 2 tips

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If the lawn is riddled with a lot of weeds, there are several ways to eliminate it. You can implement two simple methods immediately.

Remove weeds in the lawn

Weeds in the grass is the scare of any lover of lush green even lawns. The herb has such good growth conditions because it is stronger than the tender turf straws.

So your lawn needs appropriate care so that it can thrive magnificently. Weeds take away this power and is not a particularly beautiful sight.

Tip 1 against weeds in the lawn

Mow properly and scarify

As a first measure against the weeds, the lawn must be cut very short. After mowing and removing the clippings, apply very fine and dry sand. Then the lawn is thoroughly scarred, so that the sand can penetrate into the soil.

After this elaborate procedure, a supply of the lawn with a special fertilizer is required. Once this entire treatment has been completed, mow the lawn not shorter than five centimeters, You also do not need to mow so often. The turf grasses thus get the opportunity to exist against the weeds.

Tip 2 against weeds in the lawn

Cut out the weeds and sow the grass seeds

If daisies, dandelions or different species of plants disturb the overall appearance of the lawn, the leaf rosettes should be thoroughly gouged out when they appear on the surface of the earth. The resulting bald spots then need to be replenished with new grass seed until weed growth is reduced and ultimately absent.

Weeds in the grass - 2 tips: lawn

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