With what and when should you fertilize boxwood?

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With what and when should you fertilize boxwood?: fertilize

He delights us as a beautiful flower bed, representative hedge or furious green sculpture. For boxwood to fulfill the floral expectations of its gardeners, careful cultivation is important. In well-informed care measures the well-dosed administration of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements plays a central role. Time and nutrient formulation are just as relevant as the amount administered. No longer puzzle over the question of what and when boxwood needs to be fertilized. Here you can read the answer, tried-and-tested and precise.

The decision for the favored boxwood fertilizer complies with the gardener's individual attitude. If gardening is based on natural premises, the grip on the mineral or mineral-organic preparation is frowned upon. In this case, purely organic fertilizers are in focus. If you are aiming for the rapid success of a mineral fertilizer and are not afraid of the higher costs, you will pay attention to the adequate offers of the specialized trade. The following overview presents provenBuchsbaum fertilizer with tips at the right time of use:

Mineral and mineral-organic fertilizers for outdoor Buxus

If a boxwood flourishes in the bed, the plant places different demands on the nutrient supply than in the tub. Since the ornamental wood in the field can spread its roots largely unhindered, he has here far reaching access to nutrients available, as in the narrow limited substrate volume of a planter. In addition, horticultural gardeners favor a solid fertilizer for outdoor Buxus, while in the pot - out of practical considerations - a liquid preparation is used.
Compo boxwood fertilizer
The long-term mineral fertilizer with an NPK composition of 8 + 3 + 4, is structured so that it gradually releases its ingredients over a period of 6 months. This succeeds because the fertilizer beads are coated with a resin layer.
  • Time: A gift in March is enough for the entire season
Chrystal boxwood with lime
The formulation of this mineral fertilizer pays particular attention to the increased need for lime of boxwoods. The NPK composition of 9 + 5 + 8 is supplemented with 32 percent lime. This is especially necessary in soils that tend to have a slightly acidic pH.
  • Time: In March and June 1 scoop per shrub
Boxwood fertilizer from Oscorna
The product comes with a balanced combination of mineral and organic ingredients. A rapid initial effect results in a long-lasting nutrient supply for up to 3 months.
  • Timing: In March 100-120 grams per square meter and in June re-fertilization with 50-60 grams per square meter
Tip: The application of fertilizer leads to boxwood only in the hoped-for success, if the preparation is administered directly to the roots, without getting in touch with the leaves. Then the wood is poured extensively.

Boxwood - Buxus

Cuxin boxwood fertilizer
This special fertilizer enjoys among hobby gardeners best reviews. The product owes this to a well-balanced NPK structure of 6 + 3 + 6 plus magnesium and seaweed lime. If a Buxus is pampered with this concentrated charge of nutrients and lime, it shows itself at its best all year round. Of course, this premium quality has its price, which is well above the average market level.
  • Time: administer 100-150 grams per square meter in March / April and August / September

Mineral and mineral-organic liquid fertilizers for bucket-Buxus

Compo boxwood fertilizer liquid
Ideal for evergreen ornamental shrubs on balconies and terraces is this mineral NPK fertilizer 8-3 + 4. Enriched with iron, the preparation supports a rich green leaf color and dense growth.
  • Time: From March weekly 1 dosing cap in 5 liters of irrigation water
Cuxin boxwood liquid fertilizer
Premium fertilizer for your Buxus in the bucket. The manufacturer added plenty of iron to the organic-mineral liquid fertilizer, so that the rich green, glossy leaf color is retained over a long time.
  • Time: From March weekly 3-5 ml in 1 liter of irrigation water
Gärtner's boxwood fertilizer liquid
The ideal fertilizer for the austerity fox among the hobby gardeners, because the product scores with a low price, without giving up an adequate NPK formulation of 8 + 5 + 6. In addition, it is economical in use, because for 3 liters of water is sufficient 1 Dosierkappe.
  • Time: Weekly in irrigation water from March to August
Chrystal boxwood fertilizer sticks
A sensible alternative to liquid fertilizer for gardeners who do not want to think about fertilization every week for their Buxus in the tub.When pressed close to the substrate, the rods develop their effect over 3 months.
  • Time: In March and June press into the substrate and pour
Tip: Fertilizers must not be placed on dried substrate. The salts contained in it can cause damage to the roots. Therefore, pour the boxwood in the forerun with clear water before adding the liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water.

Boxwood - Buxus

Dehner boxwood fertilizer liquid
The fertilizer solution convinces with a NPK composition of 7 + 5 + 5 and is very productive. A cap of 3 liters covers the nutrient requirement of a Buxus for a week. Larger specimens are ideally treated twice a week with the nutrient solution.
  • Time: From March to August, place 1 to 2 times a week in the irrigation water

Organic fertilizers

In the environmentally conscious hobby garden, the compost pile is part of the standard equipment. If garden waste and kitchen waste are properly stacked and repeatedly used, a nutrient-rich, natural-type fertilizer is available within a few months. As boxwood grows slowly, compost fertilization reliably prevents harmful overdosing.
  • Time: From March / April every 3-4 weeks a maximum of 3 liters of compost per square meter work
Horn chips
In the hooves and horns of slaughter cattle is a high concentration of nitrogen. Chopped or ground and added to the compost, the organic fertilizer promotes growth.
  • Time: From March / April apply a level tablespoon every 4 weeks for each Buxus
Acetux Buxus Fertilizer from Neudorff
Where due to lack of space or time the own production of compost is not possible, one does not have to do without purely organic fertilization. This product contains only herbal and animal substances that are conducive to the growth of a boxwood. The microorganisms also contained therein make a valuable contribution to the preservation of a biologically active garden soil.
  • Time: In March / April and August / September administer 25-50 grams per plant
BioTrissol Buxus Fertilizer from Neudorff
Since the administration of solid, organic fertilizer on potted plants is cumbersome, the specialist trade offers special liquid fertilizers. This preparation consists of all-natural ingredients in an NPK composition of 3 + 1 + 5 plus sulfur, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Time: From March to August, add 5 ml per week to 1 liter of irrigation water
No longer fertilize from September onwards Regardless of the boxwood fertilizer used, the supplementation of additional nutrients ends in August. From September, the evergreen Buxus should have a sufficiently long window of time to prepare for the cold season. If, after the beginning of the fall, fertilization causes young twigs to sprout, they will not mature and freeze until the first frost. This deficiency weakens the boxwood in its entirety, as the frozen shoot tips open the door to the rest of the plant for diseases and pests. From early to mid-August, prudent hobby gardeners therefore give the last dose of fertilizer.

Potassium strengthens the hardness of the frost

Boxwood - Buxus

In contrast to the previous nutrient composition, a potassium-fertilized fertilizer is used for autumn fertilization. Potassium has the special property of strengthening the plant cells and lowering the freezing point of the cell's juice. It is precisely this specificity that is at the center of attention shortly before the start of winter, as nitrogen-fueled growth is now undesirable. If you fertilize your boxwood for the last time in the year, we recommend one of the following:
  • Kalimagnesia, also known as Patent Kali, with 30 percent potassium and 10 percent magnesium
  • Organic fertilizer with potassium rich comfrey or pure charcoal ash
By the way, potassium fertilizer does not only do its useful work on boxwoods. Almost every ornamental and useful plant benefits from the invigorating effect of the nutrient.
In order for a boxwood to present the hoped-for dense, glossy green foliage, a well-considered nutritional concept contributes significantly to its success. Slow growth, soil lime requirements and regular mold cuts require a specific nutrient formulation that does not immediately conform to other ornamental plants. To answer the question of what and when boxwood should be fertilized, the question should be clarified beforehand whether a purely organic or mineral nutrient supply is an option. If there is clarity here, just choose from the fertilizer preparations presented here that are well-proven in practice. For outdoor Buxus may be a solid fertilizer, while for bucket trees preferably liquid fertilizer into consideration. Anyone who is purely ecologically oriented in the cultivation of the garden will be pampered with evergreen ornamental wood with compost, horn shavings or an organic product. Regardless of the favored fertilizer, the period generally extends from March to August.For frost-sensitive Buxus to come alive and well through the winter, the annual nutrient supply ends with a potassium-boosted fertilizer.

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