What do I do in the garden when?

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When is the best sown, poured, fertilized or harvested? For all important work in the garden there is the right time in the course of the year, which you should also know as a hobby gardener.

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With the book "What am I doing in the garden?" Robert Sulzberger makes planning child's play. All work that is important in the ornamental garden and kitchen garden is explained in detail, and the work calendar provides a quick overview. As an extra, the book offers the "plant of the month" with a short description and beautiful pictures. Portraits of the most important plants, which we particularly enjoy each month, complete each chapter. The book What do I do in the garden when? is the perfect companion for perfect timing in the garden year.
Robert Sulzberger, graduate agricultural engineer specializing in horticulture, is freelance editor and author of numerous books on the subject of gardening.
The book "What do I do when in the garden" (ISBN 978-3-440-13038-4) appears in Kosmos book publisher and costs € 9.95.v

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