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With the first rays of the sun, the ants come and immediately start foraging. Their nests usually build ants outside. However, if they are foraging, they can get into the apartment due to leaks in the house, on windows or doors. They mark their path with fragrances, which creates a so-called ant trail. There are numerous ways to fight them in the garden and in the home, but also preventive measures to prevent them from even getting into the house.
Resettle instead of killing
If ant nests in the garden prevail, the animals do not necessarily have to be killed, they can also be implemented. It is also important to catch the queen, as ants follow their queen everywhere. For the resettlement, take a flower pot, stuff it with wood wool or straw, moisten both, and put it over the nest. There it stays for a few days, so that the animals can move into the vessel. Then you can transport it to a more suitable location with the help of a shovel or a spade. However, this should be between 10 and 20 cm from the old location, otherwise the ants would easily find their way back.
Good results with diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth is a powdered sedimentary rock that consists predominantly of fossil diatoms. It can be used in the garden and in the house. Upon contact with this powder, the animals die in a short time. In the garden, spread a thin layer of it on the nests and along the preferred paths. In order to prevent the ants from crawling up trees, this agent can also be distributed around trees. Depending on where these insects have been spotted, the powder can also be distributed in doorways, under skirting boards or in leaks on doors and windows and, of course, on ant trails. For particularly inaccessible places you can use a fine brush.
Tip: Even an aphid attack can be treated by pollinating them, because aphids and ants have a very special connection. Diatomaceous earth is also rated very well by Ökotest.
Effective barrier with no oil
The versatility of random products is well known. So Niemöl can also be used well for ant defense. It is distributed undiluted with a brush along the ant trails, in the entrance area, on the balcony or terrace. A 5-10 cm thick strip is usually sufficient. The Niemöl superimposed on the scent tracks of the ants, which serve as a guide, and thus creates an insurmountable barrier. This confuses the animals so they can not find their way back. If you want to use this remedy on the balcony or in the house, you can add a few drops of lavender oil if necessary, to 10 ml of Niemöl about 10 drops, then the smell for the residents is a little more pleasant. The effect does not detract. The effect diminishes after a few days and must be repeated.
Tip: Since this oil is sold in a solid state, you need to warm it up slightly before use in order to use it.
Distribute with other fragrances
  • Ants have a sensitive sense of smell.
  • Accordingly, you can in the garden u. a. fight with vegetable fodder.
  • These can be made from wormwood, elderberry, thyme or marjoram.
  • Add 300-400 g fresh or 30-40 g dried herb in water.
  • Cover the whole thing for a few days until it is fermented.
  • Then spread the brew over nests or areas heavily populated by ants.
  • Plant very fragrant herbs and aromatic plants in the garden.
  • Planting also in the apartment in small pots advisable.
  • Design fragrances on windows, doors or house walls.
  • Suitable are chervil, cinnamon, lemon zest, lavender and cloves.
  • Fragrance oils can also sell these crawlers.
  • These are drizzled on ant roads and possible loopholes.
Tip: A very good effect, according to Ökotest lavender, juniper and no oil.
Baking soda and chalk
Baking soda is very often mentioned or recommended with respect to ants in the garden and in the house. That baking soda can kill ants, is correct, however, only if it contains sodium bicarbonate. As a rule, however, instead of this substance potassium hydrogen carbonate is included, which has no effect on these animals. The effect of baking soda with sodium bicarbonate is that upon contact, the pH in the ants' body changes, causing it to die. It also looks like chalk or garden lime, which should not kill the ants, but keep them away. Chalk acts as a barrier, so to speak, because the animals will not cross it. For example, you draw a thick line around a nest, through an ant street or around an object to be protected.
Tip: A chalk or lime strip must be renewed several times, because due to different weather conditions their effect does not last long.
Baits from the specialized trade
There are a variety of insect sprays, baits and litter and pouring agents that act as a contact, respiratory or feeding poison in the trade. Insect sprays contain so-called contact insecticides, which kill ants within a few minutes. For this purpose, the preparation must be sprayed directly into the nests or on ant trails. Commercial baits contain attractants and poison. The ants transport the baits into their nest where they feed the queen and larvae. These then die in a relatively short time. The various litter and pouring agents are a combination of the properties of baits and insect sprays. They are especially effective against the grass ant and the black path ant. As the name implies, they are either scattered or spread over the irrigation water.
Tip: Even if these poisons work relatively well and quickly, they should only be used for the sake of the environment in an emergency, because they not only work against ants, but also against other soil and garden inhabitants, including numerous beneficials.
Prevent ants in the house
In the garden, ants are quite natural. So that they do not appear in excess, no remnants of cups or glasses should be carelessly poured into the garden, because that can be an incentive for ants to settle there exactly. In the house, these animals have lost nothing. Here, cracks, joints and cracks in walls, walls, windows and doors should be sealed. Especially during the mating season and in the evening, when the light is on, you should keep windows and doors closed. Often, ants are attracted by food or food leftovers. That's why it's important not to leave them open any longer than necessary, to put them in tightly closed containers and to get them out of the apartment every day. Store supplies of animal feed in containers that are easy to close and at best equipped with rubber seals. This is especially true for protein and sugary foods, which are very popular with ants and therefore always kept locked up. Feeding bowls of dog and cat and other pets should be cleaned regularly. Ants can also get into the house with potted plants that were in the garden or on the terrace during the summer. So before moving to the house check both the pot and the coasters for ants.
There are many ways to fight or drive away ants. In the house it is always better to prevent the big crawling than to have to fight it. Despite all caution, it can always happen that ants get into the house. Then you have to react quickly, otherwise there will be more quickly. What is the best method, everyone should find out for themselves and at best refrain from chemistry.

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