What is effective against martens? - Combat on the car

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If you have a marten in the garden, you have to fear for your own safety. Bitten hoses and scored cables affect the braking and handling of your own car. In addition, martens can leave immense damage not only in the car but also in the house, garage and stable.
Apart from stolen eggs, it is simply annoying to have the robber in the house and their own environment. As annoying as it is, it makes more sense to drive out these rodents than to kill them. Every living being has a right to existence and belongs to the cycle of life. In the interest of nature conservation and also to protect children and pets, it is better to work without poison.
For the outdoors, water fright, marten shocker and the automatic animal defense offer. The Wasserschreck works with a water jet, which can be adjusted arbitrarily and individually. This annoys the martens and ensures that they leave the protected area and lose interest in this area. The marten shocker is specially developed for use in passenger cars, where it uses ultrasound tones to ensure that the marten's hearing passes. This device is mainly influenced by listening to the marten and thus makes him leave the teeth of the car.
The automatic animal defense works with ultrasound tones. Although especially in automatic animal defense, the sounds are also audible to humans, it is not affected. These devices are very robust and easy to use. Because they work without poison, they are also suitable for families with children.
Of course, there are also sales mechanisms that have been developed for indoor use.
The device emits ultrasonic sounds with a strength of 12 kilohertz. Since you can set a 15 second clock, you counteract the habituation effect. The ultrasound function is the guarantor for the safe dissemination of unwanted housemates. The scope of the Marder Frei is 50 to 100 square meters. Since the marten can not tolerate ultrasound waves in this strength so well, he is permanently forced to avoid this area. While using the device, the marten is impaired but will not be harmed.
There are many home remedies recommended for expelling martens. These include slatted under the car and dog hair under the hood. However, the effect of these home remedies has not been proven. Therefore, when looking for an effective remedy, it makes sense to consider for which area it is appropriate. One should do without devices in the house, which work with flashlight or loud ultrasonic tones. Depending on the size of the area from which you would like to drive out the rodents, you have a comprehensive selection of displacement aids. Since these devices are very different in price, a price comparison is definitely worthwhile. However, it should be important to abstain from poison. On the one hand, you do not have to kill a marten, on the other hand poison can also be dangerous for your own pets or children living in the household. Even if, as a landlord, you want to keep a large area marten-free, you are responsible for children who play or live on their own property.

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