What to do if a tree gets too big?

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What to do if a tree gets too big?

If the move into your own house was combined with the planting of a small tree, this tree can develop into a real giant over the years. Especially the chestnut, the linden, the walnut or even the beech often grow very fast and can become a problem after a few years. But what to do when a tree gets too big?

The tree then not only visually crushes the house - even the shade for the garden and the dehydration of other plants become a problem.

The specialist has to get started
Who has such a giant tree in the garden, must decide to Roden. The expert can indeed cut the tree and remove too large branches or shorten. The disadvantage, however, is that the trees eventually lose their natural shape. The optic often suffers considerably from this regular trimming of the tree giants.

Inform before planting
In addition to clearing, it is the only way to protect yourself from unwanted green giants in your own garden by obtaining accurate information before planting how the final size of these trees will develop.

Choose small species of trees
Small species, which are also beautiful in the house tree as Erstbepflanzung of the garden, can be the rowan, the field maple, the vinegar tree, the elderberry, the medlar, the quince, the ornamental apple and many other fruit trees. These do not prove to be annoying shade donors and water robbers even after decades.

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