What is the difference between vine plants and creepers?

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Climbing plants are subdivided into vine plants and creepers

Through one-year climbing plants you can achieve a beautiful greenery quickly and easily in your own garden. Important for the growth is the consideration of the respective preferred climbing method and so they are in creepers and creepers subdivided with species-typical rank behavior.

The creepers
The creepers in their own garden are formed by the pageantry, the funnel, the star winds, the black-eyed Susanne, the helmet and the fire bean. All need rods, wires or taut strings, each with a rough surface, so that they are meaningfully supported in their spiral growth. They do not have any holding organs themselves.

The vine plants
Vine plants, on the other hand, are already equipped in their own way with so-called retaining organs. These blooms are represented by the sweet pea, the Asarine, the beautiful vine or the bell vine as bloomers. Other flowering plants, such as Canary Cress, stick to their petioles, but do not have climbing organs. Here are as trellises both net and grid-shaped wire mesh recommended. Even a daintily designed trellis construction can provide good support for these rankers.

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