What to do if there is noise from animals?

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Frogs can make quite a noise in a garden pond, not in vain one speaks here of "frog concerts". But you can not do something about the noise. The Federal Court of Justice (Az. V ZR 82/91) has explicitly stated that the changed environmental awareness and protection of species must be taken into account not only in natural waters but also in artificial lakes. It does not matter if you, as a pond owner, put the animals into the pond themselves or if the frogs have migrated.

Although massive disturbances of sleep by frog noise actually the neighbors unreasonable. However, all frogs are protected in an artificially created garden pond according to § 44 Federal Nature Conservation Act, and it is forbidden to remove specially protected species. As a landowner, you are not allowed to simply fill in the pond or fish out frog spawn. Protected animals such as frogs may not be scared at all without the permission of the nature conservation authority. An exemption is usually granted only in real hardship cases.

When the cock crows

crowing cock

For some, a crowing cock is pure country idyll, for others a noise annoyance

The Landgericht München I (judgment of 3.3.1989, ref. 30 O 1123/87) has decided that - due to the particular annoyance of the crow, the suddenness as well as the special tonality and modulation - the neighbor has a claim to the omission of the noise nuisance. On the other hand, the crows of a rooster at 3 o'clock in the morning in a rural area is customary and therefore to be tolerated (Landgericht Kleve, judgment of 17.1.1989, 6 S 311/88). No other measures have to be taken to prevent the noise, as this would make livestock farming unprofitable.

Is the whistling of a Gray Parrot a noise annoyance?

gray parrot

The Gray Parrot is considered particularly gifted language, but his whistling can lead to a quarrel among neighbors

It depends on the type, the time of day and the duration of the noise. The shrill, lasting for hours whistling of a gray parrot, which is held in an apartment in a residential area, exceeds the usual noise pollution considerably and must not be tolerated (Higher Regional Court Dusseldorf, 10.1.1990, Az. 5 Ss (O i) 476/89 ). Whether the birds are completely abolished depends on the balance of neighborly interests. The keeping of individual exotic birds is not uncommon in this country. In order to keep the noise pollution as low as possible, the district court Zwickau (1.6.2001, Az. 6 S 388/00) decided that the parrots existing there must be kept in the flat and only one hour daily, within certain periods, in the aviary may be brought in the garden.

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