What does plant refinement mean?

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Hobby gardeners come across the term "plant refinement" again and again. We clarify in a short summary what this is about.

plant finishing

Plant refinement is an indirect form of plant propagation that occurs on a vegetative basis. In Germany, this step is also known as art in the garden and enjoys so, in particular in optical terms, an immense interest.

This is how it is refined

The refining is roughly done in two steps. A part of a plant is removed and used in another plant. This may result in other growth forms, but also new flowers or fruits. The plants are refined during their resting phase. But also in the growth phase different types of treatment are used (depending on the particular plant).

Whilst resting times in connection with plant refinement are predominantly based on the use of plates or attachments, bark plugs and chip refining play an important role in the growth phases.

Since when are plants refined?

Plant refinement has been used as such since ancient times. In the past centuries it has been steadily perfected by human hands and has thus been able to gain in complexity and volume.

Plant refinement requires hygiene

In all processes of plant refinement, care must be taken to ensure a high level of hygiene. Therefore apply a disinfectant (hands) to prevent infections.

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