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molluscicides is a group name for chemical agents that are used in the garden and in agriculture or vegetable and plant breeding mollusks and especially the snails are to be fought. Because the snails like to eat many vegetables and salads, as well as cereals, oilseed rape and beets in the fields but also strawberries and many ornamental plants, which has lovingly grown up in the garden.
What are the molluscicides?Against the snail attack, there are therefore many types of chemical agents to purchase. All of these commercially available agents contain one or more of the chemical agents:

  • metaldehyde
  • aluminum sulphate
  • Ferric phosphate
  • methiocarb
Unfortunately, such molluscicides produced from metaldehyde or methiocarb are also harmful and dangerous to pets but also to the beneficial animals in the wild, such as earthworms, bees and birds. Thus, the snail-controlling agent, which consists of metaldehyde, may not be used in every season, and it must be ensured here that pets can not come into contact with it.
But even before children, this remedy must necessarily be closed, because for a child can be deadly 2 grams of metaldehyde! For an adult, it is also only 4 grams. Therefore, molluscicides of metaldehyde or methiocarb are more suitable for agriculture and vegetable or cereal farming on a large scale and may also make sense here.
Fight snails with alternative means
Known, even among many recreational and hobby gardeners, is the so-called slug pellets. This molluscicide is made of ferric phosphate and is often used in your own vegetable and flower garden when you are plagued by snails. As iron (III) phosphate is a constituent of the soil and the soil, it is considered to be an environmentally friendly but also very effective alternative to those molluscicides consisting of metaldehyde or methiocarb.
Nevertheless, the molluscicides based on ferric phosphate should be used with care in your own garden. Because the snail grain with its smell also attracts the snails from the neighboring gardens. Good is here above all a slow-acting means, with which the snails can still retire to dying in the earth. So they are not eaten by other animals, such as birds and there can be no further damage done here.
When may molluscicides be used?
All molluscicides should not be used indiscriminately! Private households must also comply with the guidelines and guidelines. There are correspondingly clear rules to which the seller or the manufacturer must also refer. For example, if a product is used incorrectly, groundwater can be contaminated and thus very damaging to the environment.
Alternatives to chemical weapons
In any case, it is always better to use an effective screw lubricant in your own little garden, which does not require any chemicals. As soon as the first infestation of snails is detected in the form of a slime trail or eaten leaves and fruits, you should act immediately. Without chemistry, for example, the so-called salad hoods from which one turns over the single plant and fixes well in the soil. However, these hoods are suitable for all plants that are still in early growth - not just for salad.
Another, very effective means are snails fences, which are built around the endangered plants or a whole bed. These must also be well placed in the soil, and you should also make sure that no leaves hang outward, which could then use the snails again as a conductor. Likewise, attention must be paid to existing contaminated sites, such as snail eggs, in the bed.
Worth knowing about molluscicides at a glance
  • Molluscicides are chemical agents that are especially used against snails. Their active ingredients are metaldehyde and aluminum sulfate as well as ferric phosphate and methiocarb.
  • A well-known molluscicide is the snail grain, which is the most commonly used pest control agent. It is pressed in a grain shape and is used in the garden and house area against snail infestation. The substances contained on snails attractive and are absorbed by these.

  • This takes place either through the gastrointestinal tract, so that the snails are killed a few days later or via a recording by contact, in which the active ingredients pass through the mucous membrane into the body of the snail. The snails will die on the spot and have to be removed by hand.
  • The snail grain acts on all snails, so that housing snails, such as the protected snail, are affected. With slug pellets it should be noted that it can also be deadly for pets like a dog. However, snail grain is played down again and again.

  • An effective and environmentally friendly alternative to slug pellets are molluscicides containing ferric phosphate. After taking this remedy, the snails hide in the soil and lose their friends from eating. After a few days the snails starve to death.

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