What to do if the ficus loses the leaves?

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The Ficus benjaminii, also known as Birkenfeige, is one of the most sensitive houseplants: as soon as he does not feel well, he throws off his leaves. As with all plants, this is a natural protection mechanism against negative environmental changes, because with fewer leaves, the plants can better keep house with the water and do not dry up quickly.
With Ficus, not only water shortage leads to leaf fall, but a whole series of other environmental influences. However, if your ficus throws off its leaves in the winter, this does not necessarily indicate a problem: During this time, a natural change of leaves takes place, the oldest leaves are replaced by new ones.

Spray leaves from the ficus

Water the ficus moderately in winter and spray occasionally with water

The main cause of irregular leaf loss is relocation. The plants always need a certain amount of time to get used to the new light and temperature conditions. Even a change in light, for example, because the plant was filmed, often results in a slight leaf fall.
Drafts may cause the plants to shed their leaves for extended periods of time. A classic case is a radiator next to the plant, which leads to a strong air circulation. However, this problem is usually easy to solve by relocating.

The roots of the birch fig are very sensitive to cold. Plants that stand on cold stone floors in winter can therefore lose most of their leaves in no time at all. Too much irrigation water cools the root ball in winter easily. If your Ficus has cold feet, you should either place the pot on a cork mat or in a spacious plastic planter. Pour sparingly, because during the cold season, the ficus needs very little water.
In order to find the cause of the leaf fall, you should analyze the site conditions carefully and eliminate any disruptive factors. As long as the houseplant not only loses old leaves, but also forms new ones at the same time, there is no need to worry.
By the way, in the warm Florida the birch fig does not behave mimosa at all: the native tree from India has been spreading extensively in nature as a neophyte for years and is displacing native species.

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