Where to go with the yucca palm? The best location during the year

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Yucca palm - palm-tree - Yucca elephantipes

Tip: The plant does not have to move to its winter quarters when the heating season begins. However, you should then spray regularly with a water atomizer to counteract the dry heating air.
Under normal circumstances, from about mid-March onwards, the amount of water will increase significantly again during the pouring process and also start again with the fertilizer application. Incidentally, the risk of disease is especially great during wintering. This is especially the case when the yucca is in a too warm location. For then pests such as aphids and spider mites can spread on it. It is therefore particularly important to control the Yucca regularly during the resting period on a pest infestation. Brownish discoloration of the leaves or yellowing indicate low humidity or too little light. If this is the case, remedial action must be taken urgently.

Yucca elephantipes during the year

Having as large a lush plant as possible is probably the goal of most owners of a yucca palm. The plant actually has what it takes to grow into a truly imposing, majestic appearance. In order for this to succeed, you have to live up to your natural needs in every season. And that includes a change of location. Above all, the trip to the outdoors often acts as a growth accelerator. But at least as important is the winter rest period. As the location changes over the seasons, this is the best guarantee of an impressive yucca palm in the home.

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