When is the compost ripe?

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Compost ripe compost soil

Who has a compost place in the garden and uses it regularly, probably has the best earth far and wide. When composting but you often have the problem that you do not know when the compost is ripe and usable. But you can find that out by a simple test. Take a small sample of the compost and put it in a bowl or flowerpot. Now sprinkle cress seeds on it. After about five days you should check their sample.

What do the plants look like?
If the plants are strong and green, then the compost has exactly the right quality. If, on the other hand, the plants care and are yellow instead of green, then the compost is not ready yet. This indicates undigested nutrients. Either you should let it rest even further or you use it for strong vegetables, but not for young plants, as they will not thrive otherwise, as you imagine. You should also change the compost again and again.

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