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Boxwood - Buxus

For the ideal cut of a boxwood different times have to be kept. Because depending on how the plant was cultivated, it must also get their cut. For example, a boxwood hedge can be planted in the garden as a screen, the boxwood can be cultivated as a solitary shrub or cut into a decorative shape. Since it is a very slow-growing plant, it is important that it is regularly cut at the appropriate times. Especially the spring with the months March and April, as well as the late summer with the September are to be noted.

Rough cut in the spring

The boxwood can be cut during the entire frost-free period. Here are the months of March and April in spring, in which the rough cut should be made. For the rough cut, care must be taken that this is done in any case before the new shoot. Because in this way he can get the shape that he should have in the summer. Even the days when the boxwood is cut, are important, because a rainy day is not ideal here. Therefore, the plant should always be cut only on a covered, but dry day. This will prevent the tree from getting sunburned from the water on the interfaces during later sun exposure. Also, when you cut on a wet day, a fungus can penetrate faster. The rough cut in spring is done as follows:
  • use conventional hedge trimmers
  • in the trade also special boxwood scissors are available
  • dispense with electric hedge trimmer
  • this causes damage to the plant, such as a blurred pair of scissors
  • If a fungus penetrates into the frayed interfaces, damage can occur
  • Branches and shoots, in the worst case the entire plant, die off
  • Also do not cut the plant on a sunny day
  • because also by the exiting plant sap sunburn danger exists
  • This creates an unsightly brown coloration
  • Cut back hedge or single boxwood as far as desired
  • The rough cut may also be cut into the old wood
  • this can be done, if overall shortened
  • cut the individual boxwood or the hedge into the desired shape
  • as the plant usually forms leaves inside, no holes are formed
Tip: Since the boxwood is highly poisonous, gloves should always be worn at work. Because it comes to the touch of Buxin with a wound, this can be difficult to ignite.

Fine cut over the summer

Boxwood - Buxus

From April to September, the so-called fine cut can be made. This can be done in the summer months at any time on a cloudy day or in the evenings. For this purpose, all shoots that have grown out too far, shortened to the desired length. For example, the hedge or the solitaire cut into shape retains its shape throughout the summer. After September, however, should not be cut if possible, because then the weather conditions could not be optimal. A fine cut can be made at any time over the summer months, but it makes sense to make at least twice a fine cut. Once at the end of April / beginning of May and the second time in August or September. Of course, long outstanding shoots that disturb the appearance can also be cut to the desired length at any time between the two necessary fine cuts.
Tip: Always use sharp and disinfected tools for the cuts. Because blunt blades tear or squeeze the leaves and shoots, mushrooms can easily penetrate these damaged areas. Likewise, in a cut but also bacteria can penetrate into the interface if the tool was not previously disinfected.

Form cut in a solitaire

If the boxwood stands as a solitary, it can receive different forms. This shape cut is also done in the spring. Hobby gardeners are particularly fond of balls on the various branches, but the plant can also be trimmed in any other shape. There can arise pyramids or even animals. Since the tree is so changeable, it has been playing an important role in garden art for centuries. But simply such a cut is not. If you are artistically gifted, you can give your boxwood an animal form, all others ideally start with a ball cut. But a little dexterity must also be brought along in this shape cut. This can be done as follows:
  • make stencils in geometric shapes
  • Cut a cardboard template in a semicircle for a ball
  • create these at the various points of the boxwood
  • all protruding shoots are cut off
  • usually cut from top to bottom
  • Get ready-made wire template in the well-stocked garden shop
  • These are also available in animal or other complicated forms
Tip: If you cut after September, there is always the danger that the newly formed shoots will not mature after such a cut and may freeze to death at an early onset of winter.

Boxwood planted as a shrub

Even if the boxwood was just planted as a shrub that should not be given a special shape, it must be cut regularly. So here too a rough cut should be done in spring. Here, all shoots from last year are cut back. In this way, the leaves can condense better. All dried branches, also inside the bush, have to be removed. Because this is how fungal diseases can be prevented. If a boxwood was planted as a shrub and not cut for years, then it should be treated to a makeover, in which he is cut back vigorously. The book can drive out in the coming weeks over the summer again. So that he grows vigorously. Here too, a fine cut should be made over the summer and long shoots shortened.
Tip: A boxwood is easier to cut if it has been cast before. Then the branches are juicier and easier to cut. So give the book a wash one to two hours before the scheduled cut. However, make sure that only from the bottom of the roots is poured, the plant itself should not come into contact with the water.

Pruning with fungal attack

Boxwood - Buxus

If the boxwood has been attacked by a fungus, action must be taken quickly so that it can not spread to all or even surrounding plants, for example in a hedge. If brown leaves are detected that can not be caused by sunburn, action must be taken immediately. When the first leaves fall off and the shoots die off, the infestation is already very advanced. Here then a strong pruning should be done, in which all affected parts of plants are removed. It is then irrelevant in which season the fungus occurred, it must be cut, even in summer or late autumn. This cut should therefore be done as follows:
  • Do not shred the removed parts or place on the compost
  • These must be disposed of with household or residual waste
  • also clean the soil around the plant
  • after the cut discard all fallen leaves and the upper layer of earth
  • Immediately disinfect the cutting tool after the operation
Tip: If a boxwood is already severely damaged, no radical pruning will help here either. The plant should be disposed of altogether.
It's easy to stick to the box calendar's cutting calendar. Because in the spring, the rough cut. This is the most important cut in the year, because now the tree is cut back into the shape that he should keep over the summer. Before new shoots form, they can also be cut into old wood if necessary. Then it goes on with the fine cut, which can be done in the months between April / Christmas until September. This will only cut new shoots that have become too long. Another cut might be necessary if the boxwood was attacked by a fungus, then no time must be respected but quickly traded. Hobby gardeners who have cultivated their boxwood as a solitary in the garden also know the shape cut. If you keep to the different stages of cutting, you will enjoy a very decorative tree or a dense hedge for a long time.

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