When do you plant fruit trees? Tips for the best planting time

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As "bare root" refers to plants and woody plants, which are offered without root ball, with bare, coarse roots without Erdanhaftungen for sale. In the specialized trade they are usually marked with the abbreviation "WN". Root-bare fruit trees are only available in the time when they do not carry leaves, from autumn to spring. Often they are offered in containers to several tree-rods and are priced considerably cheaper than bales or containers. When planting, they also require more effort, because they have a bit harder with the growth. Root-bare shrubs must be watered in advance and slurried very thoroughly after insertion.
The rooting season for bare root fruit trees is from October to March. Of course, only in frost-free weather. The ideal time to plant young fruit trees is generally autumn time. The soil is still warm and the trees can more easily form their fiber roots. This gives them more support and they still get enough moisture. Heat-loving fruit tree varieties, such as peach or apricot trees, are better planted in spring.
container goods
Young fruit trees, which are offered in planters throughout the year, are called container or potware. These plants were grown in the pot. Sometimes trees that have grown outdoors are also pruned and put into pots, only as packaging for sale. This is not containerware in the true sense. These trees can not be planted all year round like the real container trees. If you are unsure, you should definitely inquire about it beforehand. You can also try to gently pull the plant out of the pot. This will not be so easy with the real potware, because the vessels are well rooted. However, pots that contain almost only root system and little soil are not a good choice. It can be assumed that the plantlets were rarely replanted in the next larger vessels and thus could not develop optimally. There are some pros and cons that speak in favor or against the purchase of container goods:
  • Year-round planting, preferably autumn time
  • high purchase price
  • Difficulty growing due to spiral root extraction in the pot
  • Habituation of mostly peat-rich soil in the container onGartenerde
  • often matted root balls, especially with too small pots
  • no root-cut required
  • Immediate beautiful look (foliage, flowers, etc.)
In garden catalogs container goods are marked with a "C". A number behind it, z. B. "C5", the volume, here 5 liters.
Tip: High-quality container fruit trees can also be planted in the summer. But then it is especially important to always water well.
Fruit trees as goods are gouged out of the field. The earth ball is then wrapped in balling lines (m.b.), larger bales of earth with a wire mesh (with DB). The casing of the root ball is first cut in the planting hole, but remains there and will rot over time. Bale goods can be bought as container goods throughout the year. The best planting time is also in bale goods in spring or autumn. The failure rate for bales is relatively low compared to the root-bare bids. But the price is a bit higher.
Fruit trees
Almost all native fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, cherry) can be planted from autumn to spring. However, it should be frost-free in a planting that takes place in winter. Container and bale goods of these fruit trees can be planted throughout the year. For all plantations of these fruit tree varieties, however, autumn is preferred as the best time.
The situation is different with the heat-loving, more in the south of Europe native fruit trees, such as peach, nectarine, apricot and walnut. Here's the recommendation for the best planting time: in the spring.
Other, special varieties that should be better planted in the spring include:
  • Early apple Jakob Fischer
  • Bühler Frühzwetsche
  • Constantinople apple quince
Tip: In a spring plantation, the young fruit tree must be watered more often and more thoroughly than during the autumn planting.
What is the right time to plant fruit trees, you will sometimes hear quite contradictory. As a rough guideline the time of vegetative rest of a plant can be specified. This is usually from September to early May. Minus the respective frost periods. With some additional know-how, the best individual time for planting can be set quickly. Purchase and planting time should be as close to each other as possible. Especially unbaked goods are best placed immediately after purchase in the ground.Anyone who chooses a fruit tree in the container, should buy it in a nursery and quietly ask exactly how the tree was pulled. Because, as explained above, only the real container plants can be planted all year round.

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