When can you plant pansies?

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If you want to have flowering pansies in the garden in the spring, you should plant them in the autumn and then protect them from frost.

Plant pansies

Pansies are the classic in the spring garden and many hobby gardeners ask themselves the question: When you can Plant pansies? When is the optimal time?

Plant in the fall - But protect from frost
If you would like to have pansies in the garden in spring, you should put them early in the autumn. So the pansies can grow in enough. This early planting also ensures that the pansies then in the winter frost can not be pushed out of the ground so quickly because they have already had enough time to grow. If you want to protect the plantlets additionally, cover them with spruce or fir trees to achieve optimal frost protection.

Plant pansies in boxes and bowls
If the pansies are to flower in boxes or bowls the following spring, the planting will be sufficient in spring. Until about the beginning of March is the correct planting of the pansies in boxes and other planters and also the selection in garden operations is particularly large at this time, so that the colors in spring in the vessel can still be very intense.

Video Board: How to Plant Pansies in Pots.

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