Where and how do squirrels spend the winter? Do you hibernate?

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It is often forgotten that the squirrel cat is an important factor in nature. Since they almost always forget some storage locations, in which there are also seeds, none of these often next spring and thus contribute to nature.
For this reason, consider the following with respect to the tree foxes:
  • Do not cut tall trees below six meters
  • Leave at least one to two dense branches at the tree, hedgerow or shrub cuttings
  • Check plants for possible nests before each pruning
  • No pruning of branches with nests inside
  • Do not remove all needles or foliage in the fall to provide nesting material
  • Do not dispose of pine cones - they serve as a source of food
  • If necessary, carefully position the old nests in a tall tree
  • Whale and hazelnut trees attract squirrels
Squirrel keep during winter cold only a hibernation, which they break depending on the cold, every two to three days only for food intake. As the cold increases and the winters get longer and longer, these animals often need the support of the people. With little effort, you can make Sciurus vulgaris easier for wintertime, contribute to its survival, and do good for nature.

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