Where are weed killers banned? That's what the law says...

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Where are weed killers banned? That's what the law says...: weed

Weed killers are sometimes the only way to control the unwanted green. But they can also have a negative impact on the environment and groundwater and therefore are not always legally applicable. Which guidelines are important and which alternatives exist for the use of chemical means, interested ones here.

What does the law say?

When using weed killers, the following points must always be met, according to ┬ž12 of the Plant Protection Act:
  • authorized
  • used only on horticultural, agricultural or forestry land
  • not used near water
On sealed surfaces, such as paved or paved paths and driveways, chemical weed killer must not be used by law. This may seem nonsensical, but it is forbidden for a very weighty reason: on the sealed surfaces, the funds can not seep into the soil sufficiently and filtered here. Instead, they reach the waterworks via the sewage system and from here into drinking and groundwater.
Even hobby gardeners may use weed killer on their green, as long as they do not treat the paved driveway with it.

Possible penalties

As mentioned, chemical weed killers may occasionally be the only way to stem the sometimes destructive growth of some plants. However, the funds are also associated with significant risks to the environment and the health of humans and animals. For this reason, the use on paved roads or otherwise sealed areas with fines of up to 50,000 euros punishable. It should therefore be clarified urgently before use whether the agent is approved for use on the respective area.
Tip: Information on this can usually be found directly on the packaging. If these or information on the authorization are missing, the respective remedy should be used. There are corresponding alternatives in specialist shops.


As an alternative to the chemical weed killer there are several means and measures. The elaborate weeding is of course a possibility. However, there are also other mechanical and chemical alternatives. including:
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • burn down
  • foil
  • high pressure
  • steam
  • scraper


Weed in the walkway joints

One of the easiest ways to keep the weed killing effort both gentle and legal and low is to prevent its spread. For this purpose, in turn, various options are available. These include:
  • cover
  • root barrier
  • Early removal
Gravel, mulch or even a foil - a cover around larger plants prevents the spread of weeds. Even when a single weed shows up, it's easy to pluck.
root barrier
Special root barriers, lawn edges or in turn foil are barriers. As a result, weeds and roots can only spread in reduced form and the removal becomes much easier.
Early removal
Here a stalk, as a leaf - who weeds early and regularly, increases the chances of success of weed killing and also keeps the associated effort as low as possible.

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